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September 26, 2008


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HI AGAIN TRIXIE...I don't think poor STEVE got our point. He says he isn't a Liberal trying to "bash" us, but I bet he is!! I think he's infliterating(oops, did I spell that right?)Sarah's blog just to see what her peeps are saying about her..Do you really think he might be big, strong and handsome though? Like our "Iron Todd?" Where is Todd anyway, lately? Todd, are you out there? For that matter, where is Sarah? WE MISS YOU!! I know they are saying on the tv that you are in the prosess of getting the homework cramming for the big deebate but can you please get back to your blog and let your fans know hows things goin?


HI MIKE..ITS LAURALOVES again. My god, I think you are right about the DEMON VOICE that comes over me sometimes, when I post, and that I should get it exercised at a Wasillia type of church. Do you think that Reverend Mutthee or whatever his name is, can help me too? I wonder if Sarah wouldn't mind if I came to her church...I was jus thinkin though..he's from Kenya I heard, the Mutthee guy, so do ya think he's affiliated with Obama in some sneaky way, like a conspiritacy, cause Obama's dad was Kenyan? Don't you think thats VERY coincidental? Anyways, I will try to control the demonish voice inside me when I'm on Sarah's blog and be more respectful. Its strange how the demon sounds like a Liberel..oh my gosh!!


Who quotes 'George Carlin'? Furthermore an adult action such as SEX, should be handled with responsibility. Using murder as birth control is NOT RESPONSIBLE.
Try experiencing the magic of life, or dealing with people who want nothing more to raise a child but can't conceive.
I'm all about independence and free will decisions that affect your life but PLEASE don't tell me that abortion is ever o.k. to use as birth control for your own irresponsible measures.
After reading your blogs though, I think it is a good thing that you are against reproducing.


Methinks we have one of those radical, rightwinger, holier-than-thou, preachy types here, in DIESELMAMA. Sorry if the George Carlin quote,"NOT EVERY EJACULATION DESERVES A NAME" offended you, but your zealous certitude in how YOU think other people should behave sexually and reproductively, clearly indicates why radical religious nutjobs like Sarah Palin, should NOT become VP. Just because YOU may choose to "spawn" (that was a quote from Bill Maher, who I'm sure you'll disapprove of too), doesn't mean every other women needs to feel that "magic of life" that you mentioned. As far as being what you call "irresponsible" when it comes to birth control, hmmmm....seems our Sarah hasn't been very responsible in teaching the abstinence theory to her pregnant teenage daughter, has she? What is it about you anti-choice females, feeling the need to control other women's reproductive rights? Perhaps you are......JEALOUS? Or to quote someone you probably WILL approve of, "They hate us for our freedom!!" (George W.Bush)As far as your criticism of my "blogs"....lighten up,Dieselmama! Its fun to role-play. Political satire is FUN, as I'm sure others on this site would agree with. OH LORD!! What did I just say?? Sorry Sarah. I didn't mean to rant like that on "your" blog! I'm headin' right on up to Wasilia and finding that African guy to purge me of this witchcraft!! Love ya, Sarah, and good luck on the big deebate with Byedon!!

Bijan C. Bayne

Caribou Barbie- we love you at Sports Travel. That dog does hunt.

Trixie Norton

Oh dear LauralovesTerriers, it appears the demons have again taken over your tongue. I'll pray for you and look around for a witch exorcising preacher who makes house calls. In the meantime, I think you should turn your impure thoughts away from Todd and focus on Steve! I know I get all hot and tingly (forgive me Jesus but I'm a mere mortal) when I think of that big strong smart (and I assume handsome!!!!) hunk of man sitting there, all alone in his mom's basement trying to keep the Cheeto crumbs off his keyboard enlightening us (and Sarah!!!) with his sage advice. Intelligent men like Steve are hard to find these days. He's going to make some lucky lady very happy!


Now, now, Trixie, I think we are perhaps being too hard on Steve? We haven't heard back from him and might have scared him away? Besides, he did call Sarah's blog "priceless" and "funny" and he said he was a conservative, and isn't that the type of man Sarah would approve of? Jesus will forgive me of any impure thoughts I had of Todd...uh, I think...(and you of Steve)We must rally on with the "mission" and to protect our land that Russia flies over and rears its ugly head with its leader, Pootin, and onward with job creation and to lovingly support Mr.McCain and...oh dear, I forgot what I was trying to say. Anyways, can't wait till Sarah comes back from Debate Camp and goes commando on that ole hairplugs overexperienced Joe Biden!!I finally learned how to spell it right cause I read the newspaper today..wish I read ALL those various papers that Sarah told Katie Couric she reads! She didn't name any specific ones though, orelse I'd go out and buy the same ones she reads to edumacate myself better. :)

Lex Fortis

Friends, the writing is on the wall. It's time to get behind a new Candidate for Vice President. Support Peter: http://peter-for-vice-president.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-candidacy-for-vice-presidency.html


You are Evil.


Hi Sarah,

Don't let this cool movie trailer upset you - I'm sure you wouldn't actully se nuculuar weapons, and I'm certain you could find a way to sit down over some hot chocolate with Putin were he to get shifty. I'd advise you not to watch the video thought, probably:


USA working within the UK

The issue goes beyond Palin’s inability to comprehend basic economic principles or to speak coherently during an interview. It speaks to the blatant disregard of the principle of “Country First”.
To the world’s dismay, the “bar” for our leadership standards has been lowered. If Palin maintains a single sentence without fumbling during the debate, “Victory” will be proclaimed.
We have all seen enough. We simply cannot afford to continue on the same path.

USA working within the UK

The issue goes beyond Palin’s inability to comprehend basic economic principles or to speak coherently during an interview. It speaks to the blatant disregard of the principle of “Country First”.
To the world’s dismay, the “bar” for our leadership standards has been lowered. If Palin maintains a single sentence without fumbling during the debate, “Victory” will be proclaimed.
We have all seen enough. We simply cannot afford to continue on the same path.


Don't worry about Thursday. You just be yourself. Don't worry that you know absolutely zero about the rest of the country and world. None of your supporters know anything about those things either. Just look at some of these posts. Just end every question with 'remember i'm barely educated too.' It took me 5 long years and 5 mediocre schools to get a degree in journalism another subject I don't understand and I believe the American people shouldn't have to understand.' Then at the very end, tell the country that you believe that all debates are another example of gottcha journalism. And you should know, because you have a degree in that subject.

Ohh...one more thing. If they ask you about the bailout package again, say that it really has to do with the war in Iraq in addition to Healthcare, Free Trade, Oil, the Economy, Education and, OH!, Everything under the umbrella of job creation. Just make sure you don't forget about Iraq.

Good Luck!

Dave Myers

Sarah Palin is being beat up by the media. She appears to be “one of us”, a Bible believing, born again, trying to live the life normal person.
As a sister in the Lord I think we need to pray hard for her and for the Lords will in the coming elections.

Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD like channels of water; He turns it wherever He wants.

Pass this on, prey for her in the debate. Let’s ask the Lord for some of His shock and awe.


Sarah - Where have you been? Did Katie Couric take away your computer as well as your popularity?


Loud and Clear Mike *wink


I made a wrong note to an unsympathetic blogsite. Well, this this just a piece of advice. I might suggest that you should pose this question and/or statement to Biden during the Debate whether he or Barack Obama can explain to the american people in convincing manner, why it took Obama more or less than 15 years (this the most important part of his intellectual formative life)to disassociate from the likes of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Rezko. Obama did not even disassociate himself until he was attacked by Hillary Clinton and he was not able to explain this very well. So, would you trust a guy like Barack who would say anything and explain in a doubtful manner his liberal background? Just look at Obama, he is just one of those very ambitious guys out there, fresh from college, had community service and two years experience as a supervisor and now wants to be the President and CEO of the company. So do you think the company will gave him that break? The answer is no. He does not have that experience and qualification unless it is there own family's company. Try to think about this. This is not a third world country but the greatest nation on earth. Give me a break! We should not trust and gamble our national security and economic recovery to this untested guy who would say anything to get your votes. To: SENATOR BArACK OBAMA, IT'S EASIER SAID THAT DONE. I have already convinced a lot of people and/or democratic voters to vote for MCcain/Palin. Good luck.


Here is a pro-Palin video. Please share it:



Good luck in the debate - I'm with you on the Joe-six-pack think. In fact, when I went to the dentist today, I asked him if the receptionist with no dental training could take care of my filling. He was confused until I explained the Joe-six-pack thing...

McCain/Fey 2008


Hey, Sarah, this is Todd. Google "Dear First Dude" to see what I've been thinking about. It's mostly you, and some about snowmachines, and only a small bit about halibut fishing.


What I can't figure out is this. It is now very obvious to people that Sarah Palin has no substance, after her disastrous interviews. Wasnt this obvious when she gave her VP nomination speech? With her "Hockey mom/Lipstick/Thanks but no thanks goofy remarks? What did people find so good about her in the first place???? Duhh: Beats me.

James W. Feger

Biden is Obama's pick as VP and he can sure pick 'em! They make a good team. I wonder if Obama is elitist to tie his shoe with a slip knot? And, Biden probably only needs to wear one shoe at a time because he usually has the other foot in his mouth.

Lets see! Obama stutters and Biden wishes he could stutter to cover up his "gaffe" statements.

What has Obama done? I don't hear small talk!


@Dale, Hoover appeared on TV in 1927. There WAS a prototype of TV that early.


OH Sarah...You have sooo many supporters. They are just as obstuse as you are. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Everyone just wants to have simple-minded, average americans in the white house. It doesn't matter how much you know! Intelligence does not matter!!!! Knowing anything about government that makes since for you to know how to do your job doesn't matter either. You can learn on the job.

And so what if BARACK OOOBAMMA has 12 years as a senator and is on the foreign relations committee. So what if he can run circles around you in talking about anything that has to do with law or government. So what if he actually teaches these subjects. (You wouldn't know this because you went to about 5 mediocre schools and studied journalism) So what if he can speak and something smart comes out. And so what if Biden has similar qualifications. You don't have to do any of this. You have pointless executive experience in a state where the sheltered people of Wasilla liked you and wanted you to be the leader of the people of their area.

Plus, that old white-haired dude wants you to help him run the people of America. Old white-haired dudes are wise!

So, again Good Luck!!


I agree with APRIL. Go Sarah!! We want ordinary folks like us, to run the white house and the country of the United States of Aemrica. We want a Joe 6 pack!! (not a Joe Biden 6 pack though, ha ha) We don't want those smartass latte drinkin Liberells telling us how to deal with Pootin when he flies over our borders and starts a fight with us. I want someone I can relate to in the white house, with old fashioned small town values and faith in the religion of good godly people who can create jobs and don't have to read the New York Times. We are rootin for you tonight, Sarah!! Go get em, Pit Bull Lady!

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