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September 10, 2008


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I say go for it Sarah. Obviously they wouldn't send it to you if it wasn't true. No-one ever sends out emails that aren't true. I think Bristol is just jealous or something.

p.s. This is my favourite blog. They are not saying very nice things about you in the media here in Australia so it is nice to counter act their lies with the truth from the lady herself.

Rob Spectre

I don't care what these liberals say.

Sarah Palin is qualified!



Sarah, dear, you are not being quite truthful when you talk about having been flown to some "Pacific Islands" etc. You only got a passport for the first time in your life 2 years ago, and the only places abroad you've been to are Kuwait and Ireland. (By the way, WHAT a combination!! How many people can say that they've been to just Kuwait and Ireland.) That's as bizarre as saying that the only pieces of music you've ever heard are Beatles and Beethoven. Oh, I forgot, I guess anywhere OUTSIDE Alaska is foreign for you. :-)

PS: Don't trust Bristol. I'd say go for it and send your info to this kindly man...


Sarah, dear, you know you are not being quite truthful when you talk about being flown to some "Pacific Islands" when your only foreign trips were to Kuwait and Ireland. (By the way, WHAT a combo!!! How many people can say that they've been to JUST Kuwait and Ireland?? That's as bizarre as someone saying that the only music they've ever heard are Beatles and Beethoven!)
Also, I understand that you got a passport for the first time in your life, like, what, two years ago and you're 44?? Please tell me that you're not for real, because at the moment, everything is too surreal.

PS: Don't listen to Bristol. I'd say trust this kindly man and just send him all the info he requests...


oops, sorry for the double post!!


I surrender, Sarah!!!

I dunno whether to be ecstatic or pissed off, but you are pulling off what I so far have been not quite able to do.

About the same time you went on the air, I created "Palin for President Please: Because America Deserves Her" [palinplease.blogspot.com]. Now I realize, my dear St Sarah, that my sources are mainly third-party (no, no, I don't mean The Greens), and you are actually The Source, but you're obviously getting your message out, whereas I'm but a breathless and adoring wannabe.

Please visit me and let me know how I can help.

Believe me, I'd send you money for your war chest, but I'm waiting for a deposit to my account by Barclay's on behalf of someone named Mugabe to clear so that I can straighten out some recent mysterious problems with my credit cards.

You also might want to visit me at "P!: An Asylum for Broken Rabble" at [ddjango.blogspot.com] - we'll crush them LLLs (lily-livered libruls) like snow hares under a snow machine!!!

Be at peace.


Sarah - you need to ask Mr Mccain for guidance here. He knows a well-connected former bank-guy (Charlie Keating) who can provide you with the expert advice you need.

Don't put all your shotgun cartridges in one moose.

Gosh, I don't know Sarah. I mean, where is Africa anyway? Is it in the lower 48?


C'mon now, DPAYSCIOM, Sarah knows that Africa is right next to Georgia, in the sunny south, right next to Ossetia.

Giver some credit! Barclay's will!!

North American Mayoral Bridges League to Alaska

Everyone Knows, Georgia is in the "Bible Belt." Sarah will be fine!!!!

Cynthia Hipbottom

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Robin Hood

Is the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin really for the the military of this country. I have heard lots of praise, but no real substance, ie: are the WWII,Korea, and some Vietnam retired military really being taken care of as was promised,"NO" not one word of help for the "Promises for FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE AS PROMISED IN REGULATIONS, RECRUITING PHAMPLETS, FOR THOSE WHO COMPLETED 20 OR MORE GOOD YEARS TOWARD RETIREMENT" No congress, both parties, have only PLAGIARIZED the retires, but the bills in congress never got steam of even came near passing. A very non-greatful congress, both parties, and citizens have failed to support our cause of the retired militay of my era, Robin Hood,ret,mil,WWII,Korea & Vietnam.

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see the resemblance. So it was kind of a letdown. That, plus no good catch phrases ("sock it to me" etc.), so I don't really see how they could make

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