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September 03, 2008


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I like Sarah Palin, and I am outraged by all the attacks she is receiving, it is sad and unfair. She is exactly what we need in the White House and as a woman myself I am proud of her and I support her. Keep going Sarah and do not let anyone stand in your way.


This is hilarious keep it up. And to Deborah. Wake up! Her nomination is an insult to her and to women. She is being used to court religious extremists (yes they are here and have been for a long time).


OMG, thanx so much for your service, Anthony!! Maybe u can convince a few more black people that Sarah Palin is the REAL friend of your people in this election!! And did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN??!?! Yes, that's right!!

Peace Out!!

Lawrence J

Well Anthony, if a primary qualification to be a VP is to be able tp spell properly and use correct grammar, then you are a far better candidate than your boss! If I were Palin, I'd be afraid of a mutiny right about now.

God I hope this isn't for real because statements like "I have NOTHING agaisnt hispanic people... doesn't he know I love chili's?" has to be about the most ignorant thing I've heard from a "politician." Could you be a VP in the future? Maybe, but I'm sorry... mayor of a town smaller than the college I went to, and governor of a state that has fewer people in it than Brooklyn hardly constitute as "executive experience."

Getting the hand of this foreign policy thing... good grief. I hope you have all your flashcards memorized.

I'll be watching you on TV tonight... best of luck to you... you're gonna need every ounce of it.


Brenda C

So what happens if Senator McSane does not remain in "good health." We are in trouble. Obviously she had to coerce you to write this comment and made sure you mentioned that you were African American. So now we know that one of her best friends are "black". I continue to be amazed at the immaturity of this woman and she is not capable of leading a country as diverse as this one. She is clueless.

Mark Dewd

Brenda, Sarah is NOT clueless. She HAS clues!

Go Sarah! Go Jesus! Go God! Go USA!


You can mention back to Palin--- This statement does not do anything for me!I don't care what nationality you are!You could be purple for all I care


Sarah is dumb as a brick. God help us all if those two end up running the country.


This blog has been an absolute delight to read, start to finish. Keep writing, because I'm eating it up, loving it, and spreading it to friends.

Obama/Biden '08


The shining moment during Palin's speech was when the drones chanted "drill baby drill!" I thought I heard instead "rape, pillage and burn!"

Finally, I was simply shocked to hear from Palin that Obama had so little experience in politics; thanks Sarah for clarifying that-- clearly PTA-mom trumps senator. (People is glass houses...)

Palin sure is perty though!
Dang! The Republican spell is working!!!


Who paid off the cameramen to focus on the four minority delegates in the audience?

Loretta C. Jenkins

Sara Palin is my hero. Her and mister John can save America from you left wing evildoers. Jesus will punish you if you write more baddery about Sara and their beutiful American family. Sara says God wanted America to war with Iraq and I fully believe Sara and give her all my blessings. She will be good president one day and protect us from those enemy countrys.


Well I have to say....It sounds like she paid you to write this and make sure you mention that you are African-American? Are you kidding me? Who cares that you are African-American, so am I!!! This article did nothing for me but reconfirm the fact that not all African-American Men steal, rob and sell drugs...Congratulations on your success from that standpoint. I get your point but it really makes it seem like she is using you to get to African-Americans...Tell Sarah to come to the hood and meet my people face to face and more importantly make sure she brings REAL SOLUTIONS for the REAL PROBLEMS because they are waiting for her!!!

Like it was stated earlier, "You can mention back to Palin--- This statement does not do anything for me!I don't care what nationality you are!You could be purple for all I care"!

Mr. Williams you could have left this sentence out and just expressed why you support your candidate: "Governor Palin has asked me to also mention that I am an African American." We can see you are African-American from your picture!!

Obama/Biden '08


I find it laughable that every time a politician who has no positive history with the Black or minority community wants to shine their image they always find a "Negro lackey" to vouch for them. I have heard some very racist statements that Mrs. Palin has made towards Obama and the native Alaskans.
If being Christian qualifies or endears her to Blacks that makes her no different than 95% of the whites in this nation.

To support a party that has and is responsible for the disenfranchisement of millions of Blacks and Hispanic voters and their lack of inclusion in the party is nothing less than shameful.

I am a product of the sixties. An extreme decade which claimed the life of parents who were murdered by white racist extremist. There have been not greater patriots than the African Americans who have fought in and died in every war and battle this country has fought,despite their unchristian treatment by the very race that were the cause of all their suffering, injustice and poverty. So, to post your ad in hopes of gaining support for a woman who is pimping you to exploit Blacks , well screw you and all those brainwashed Negros who have not learned and believe if its Christian then its Okay, are just plain wrong...and too damn stupid to be casting a vote.
It was Christians like Palin who betrayed your ancestor as they are now trying to pimp you!


Thanks for the post, i wanted to know Anthony, how did you get your start in security, im very interested. Also how are you trained and what is the most difficult thing about your job.


Thanks for the post, i wanted to know Anthony, how did you get your start in security, im very interested. Also how are you trained and what is the most difficult thing about your job.


Sarah Palin might have some redeeming features to those who know her personally. Granted.

However, aspiring to be the second-in-command of the United States, whose once proud reputation is now battered and bruised almost to the point of being a complete laughing stock, someone who is experienced, has deep understanding of international relations, and can construct sentences using verbs is needed.

Out of 300M people - whether a Democrat or Republican, looking at the respective nominees, we all have one question - is this the best the USA can do ???


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