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August 30, 2008


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I have one question. If Palin is so conservative and has family interest at heart. Who is raising her five children while she is out furthering her career? Come on....anyone who has children knows that it is a full time job if you do it right. What I'm trying to say is that I personally am tired of liberals pretending to be conservatives. Being a woman, a mother, at times financially challenged, I'm tired of women who produce alot of children and find every "call" in the world to get out of the house and not raise them. Its alot more glamorous to be a politican, or anything else for that matter. For every cause she takes up - and I know shes great at these causes - I'm not taking that away, it takes time. I saw one of her children carrying a younger one on stage while they follow her like puppies. Why didn't she carry the child.
Its not one childs job to raise another one. If you have the children - you raise them. Does anyone out there see what I'm trying to say. If VP, while she is flying around the world - who has the kids? As conservatives I don't want to see us misled by talk and not walk (the walk of family values.) She seems to be well meaning but enterprising. She is anti abortion and seems to have conservative views. But is that her "spin". I don't want to be misled anymore. I don't care what the lable is..I want to see someone walk the walk and then I'll believe the talk!


My 21 year old daughter is for the first time excited about voting. Sarah Palin is the reason. Palin is at the forefront of the era of gender equity. These women were not denied the opportunities of their mothers and grandmothers. They don't care about traditional Democrat (or Republican) scare tactics like the abortion issue. They don't resent men for denying them opportunities. Furthermore, for every daughter who can relate there are two parents who have found a role model with relevance. A pox on Republicans and Democrats. A pox on the Chicago ward politician who's running for president. But more power to Sarah Barracuda.


I found this website and now I'm just speechless. Sarah Palin is amazing. You Go Girl!




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