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August 30, 2008


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OMG indeed.


Why are you watching JAG when a lot of people are suffering due to the poor economy and lack of health care?


Why are you watching JAG when a lot of people are suffering due to the poor economy and lack of health care?

Susan Reynolds

Oh pooh, Sarah, go along with Grandpa John. We get that way when we're past 60 - and way past past 60.

But I'm just speaking for myself because I'm past 60 and don't like kids my children hung out with in the past to call me Susan. We moms have to be tough even if we are governors or if like me you play yourself on twitter. So the "kids" may be 35 years old but I'm still Mrs Reynolds to them - or nana if it has to be something else - but Susan won't cut it.

So Grandpa John sounds about right to me and OK if it means we're old, so be it.

A quickie - just so you don't freak when you see that my blog's name is Boobs on Ice - it's a perfectly reasonable explanation. In Dec 07 I was diagnosed with invasive Breast cancer and used frozen peas as ice packs after tests and surgery, Ouch. But coming from Alaska I figure you wouldn't think so much about Boobs on Ice anyhow but wanted to make you less flipped if you were going to be.

Which reminds me, my oncologist is at George Washington University Hospital which isn't far from the Naval Observatory where you'll be spending some time starting in January. We should have lunch some day I come in to the hospital.

Never hurts you to learn about a place in a new town and they might treat me pretty darned good if I brought the Veep along. So far, the craziest I've done at an appoointment is wear pink mickey mouse crocs and a flipcam.

Totally don't worry though. We can grab a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday right there on campus and I'll talk about breast cancer so you get credit for a working lunch and grandpa John won't make you bring a note from the doctor hopefully, but if he does we can totally do it. He's cool especially with people who might up and die on him.

Yell when you've got some time. I'm that susanreynolds on twitter woman. You twitter, right??? Ask around if you cant find me.

Oh, and Congrats Sarah! And how are the kids?

Not a Democratic plant,
the real Susan Reynolds
of Frozen Pea Fund stuff and Washington suburban mom-dom

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