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September 26, 2008


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I know you may have some butterflys about the upcoming debate, but from what I've seen you've got nothing to worry about. You handled the drive-by media (as Rush calls them) very well I thought. Look at the way you responded to tough questions from Katy Kourik, Sean Hannity and Charlie Gibson! You're ready! And you've got something to rely on in those situations that Biden, Obama and even McCain don't have - the gut of a pit bull! Go get 'em!

Repub and Jealous

"the gut of a pit bull"

... and the legs of a goddess.

McCalin/Pain '08


Forget the debate with Joe Biden. I wanna hear about Thomas Mutthee. Tell me about Muthee.

Doug Milliken

Of course you want YOUR debate to be cancelled...you're incoherent. Catie Couric (sp) was throwing you softballs and you started to foam at the mouth. I wouldn't hire you to sell insurance, much less be the VP.... forget it and go back to Alaska. Btw, say hi to Putin next time he flies over your house, k?


Will your debate be in a swimsuit? I think that and softball questions are going to be the only way you can distract from your lack of gravitas. Being a hockey mom does not count as gravitas.


We can't wait to hear you debate, Sarah. Also, have you checked out the scandal about your bikini photo? It turns out the fake might not be a fake. Do you have any comments about that?



Dear Sarah,

We believe in you and you have done very well. You will do extremely well debating against Biden. Remember, he is just a person who just happens to be a Dems VP, nothing more. Also the more he talks, the more he puts his foot in his mouth.
Some people, the media, Obama's people and most liberals have been extremely unkind not only to you but also to McCain. But like you said in your interview with Hannidy - you have thick skin -- don't ever forget this. Keep smiling, forging ahead, pick the brains of all the experts you can get your hands on, study, study and study. The road ahead may be a little bumpy and steep at times, but never fear, smooth road is ahead.
You are very intelligent, fast learner, proven leader, a great Mom, accomplished career woman and many many more. We will be watching you during the Pelin-Biden debate. You will do very well. You are half way there ...you have proven that you can think on your feed, remember at the RNC?



McCain had Obama speaking in stutters and making faces like he (Obama) was looking in a mirror for the first time in his life.

McCain visibly flustered Obama by showing a bracelet from a mother of one of our fallen heros. Because, Obama wanted to be the first to bring up his arm with his bracelet of one our fallen heros. And, the young men who died for our country did so because they believed in something strong enough they were willing to risk their lives; regardless for the reason of grief and sorrow of their sacrifice.

Immature Intellect: Obama successively baited McCain by calling him "John" to try to get "John" to call Obama "Barrack" which would have given him (Obama) a lead into talking about his heritage. Which Obama eventually did "My first name is Barrack" and....so on and so on....

Jim Leherer tried to bait the debate into more than a Presidential forum by goading McCain into personal arguments. He wanted to make McCain angry. Jim Lehere was trying to make McCain lose his composure, and by Obama’s posturing in the debate, it was obvious that Obama was in on it. But, McCain was a fighter and wrestler in his younger days and there is nothing more personally competitive than one on one competition. And, the first thing you learn in that kind of rugged, physical confrontational training/sport is that you don't lose control of your thoughts; it isdiscipline of the mind and body, you think your way through with affirmative action. It is probably one of the reasons he became a fighter pilot and survived 5 years in a prisoner of war camp.

Okay! class is out for now, take a break. I don't think you Obama supporters can absorb any more at this time. It's a matter of your attention span and I don't think you’re the type of person that does homework.

What has Obama done? I didn't hear his resume!

Andrew K

Now that we are done with the fluff it is time to say enough when it comes to Sarah Palin. She is virtually incoherent when she fumbles trying to answer a question the breath of which she fails to comprehend. But you have to give her credit. John just runs for cover and plays politics trying to hide. John is old school and we do not need four more years of the George Bush failure express train. Enough already, go back to Alaska Sarah. You will be good at telling those unwed teenage mothers having unprotected sex they are serving God's plan for them. Perhaps you can make a million posing for Playboy, or become a big game hunter or better yet the Fish and Game Commissioner. But the idea that you might possibly be running the country one day let's hope not. After all the current state of affairs perpetuated by the Republicans is bad enough. If by chance you had to become President one day I suggest that first thing you do is call Hillary at 3 AM and beg for her help.


Hi Sarah,
Alaska is such a big place, with a home town feel. Are you going to miss it up there when you are in Washington?


Doug Milliken

Hi Sarah,
I think you're doing SUCH a super job! I can't wait for you to become the first woman president in America! You're SO much smarter than that awful Hillary Clinton...who does She think she is?? I mean, her nerve! To think that someone with a Brain and a REAL record of experience should be president? Whatever!! I think you'll do just fine... And I applaud your efforts to keep our nation as Christian as it should be. THIS is a Christian nation, and it is our duty to follow God's laws. Oh, garsh, and I can't wait to see Christmas cards from the McCain/Palin white house...your bastard grandson will look SO cute as the baby Jesus! I think I'll just cry...

frodo baggins

You really should moderate your comments and have a member of your staff proof read this stuff you are putting out there. It's making you look bad.

hope you loose the election,
frodo baggins


Andrew and Doug, where are you from? The Liberal Land of the Facist? You're naming all children conceived out of wedlock as b _ s _ a _ r _ s. That word went out with the mentally ill decades ago. Not to mention, that that remark would have to also include the baby Jesus.

Why are you degenerating into this kind of filthy mind set. I hope that for your sake, that as you mature, your brain develops with a proportionalety correct mixture of intellectual common decency.

I'm sorry Obama lost the first debate, but he doesn't now and never will have the stature or composure to stand on the same stage as the "Man" John McCain.

And, here is my prediction. Sarah Palin will be the dominate person of her debate with Joe Biden. So, for people with your kind of indecency, I'll give you the good news up front, the Democrats are going to lose this election by the square root of failure.

What has Biden been doing? I don't read the comic strips!


OMG SARAH!!!!! I JUST SAW YOU ON SATURDAY NITE LIVE!! That blond actress who pretended she was Kate Cureic..who did she think she was fooling? She was very very mean to you, but you held your own as usual. You are so brave in the face of the dangers of the interviewers who try to give you tough questions of the todays events, like about Russia and stuff. How do they espect you to know all this stuff yet when you haven't even gotten into the White House yet where all the things are you need to study. Oh Gosh! It looks like Obama and John Mccain are on Saturday Night Live RIGHT NOW!! But..I thought they were in Washington...I better go now an watch.


you go get em girl.
be yourself in the debate. be the sarah we all saw at the convention and you will win this debate hands down! don't let the media define you.

Leinad Moolb


my satire take on new PALIN bio op from Joe Hilley

Saturday, September 27, 2008
Joe Hilley's bio-op of GOP frontrunner Sarah Palin elevates her to near-messiah status: Advance reading copy tells all for all to tell

Henry, keep your hands to yourself! Sheesh!


NSFW: This is a blogpost of satire, humor, mere silliness. Please do not take one word of this "preview" seriously.


The eagerly-awaited post-op bio-op of GOP frontrunner, er, running-mate, Sarah Palin elevates the Alaska governor to near-messiah status: Advance reading copy to tell all for all to tell although not everyone will agree to disagree, says humourist Leinad Moolb in this wicked piece of satire

This previewer was able to finagle (is that still a word?) an advanced reading copy of Joe Hilley's bio-op about GOP frontrunner Sarah Palin, and we can report here that it's a glowing, gloating, beatific confirmation of her rapid ascendance to the dizzying, dazzling heights of presidential power's world-certified aphrodisiacal group love-in embrace. That sentence was too long. [Note to Editor: please cut it.]

It's that good. It's going to be a media love-in, 2008-style. Man the book reviews!

Everyone loves a winner, and Governor Palin's a winner in this much-praising and much-to-be-praised about new testament to postmodern, pre-election spotlightainment.
Mr Hilley's certainly done his homework, and his dedication to the heavenly cause is apparent on every page -- and beyond reproach. Not only does he admire Ms Palin, the 44 year old wunderkind of Alaskan politics and now a world-historical hero artist who makes even Pakistani prime ministers go nuclear and glow -- and blush! -- when they meet her face to face and ask for a hug -- [Note to Editor: didn't happen!] -- Hilley elevates her to an elevated pedastal high above the G-dless "shining cities" below. Palin is an angel sent by G-d, molded by G-d [Kenywan witchcraft prayers to the contrary!) and running for high office as John McCain's frontrunner on G-d power.

Mr Hilley never quite comes out and says this explicitly, but it is implicit in his every word.

From her humble beginnings in an Iditarod lob cabin to her teenage forays into sportsmanship and smalltown pageantry in Wasilla -- which is a neat PALINdrome for "Abe Lincoln", by the way, in Martian orz-speak -- Ms Palinc comes across well. She should. She's the real McCoy, no matter which side of the fence you are looking at her from.

The book is a bio-op of extreme delicacy, written on a dime, spun perfectly to fit today's weltanschang (Note to Editor: spell check, please, that German vord! Kissinger used it the other day when he met Gov Palin, and it's still ringing in my ear].

The bio is in no way a hatchet job; quite the contrary, it is quite the contrary. It's a beauty salon job of heavenly enchantment, and Palin supporters will go away vindicated in their belief that she is a new messiah -- and who says women cannot be messiahs, too?

However, critics of Sarah Palin, and they are legion, mostly on the paranoid left, might find Hilley's dishing better left unsampled. Whatever, viewers can catch the reviews on Larry King and Sean Hannity.

All in all, to sum it all up, this is a book whose title will most likely be an answer on a future Jeopardy show guest-starrring -- who else? -- retired senator John McCain.

Read it and weep: 1. Because it tells all, and 2. Because it's a tall tale, and 3. Because it was from the very beginning a hopelessly tall order.

Note to readers still scrolling down this far: You can download the entire contents of Mr Hilley's book about Sarah Palin on the Internet, according to rumors. Google it and find out where the link it.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leinad Moolb is a humorist who spent 12 years in Alaska, none of which he spent in Wasilla. He now resides in Cyberspace. To contact him, pro or con, email him at: leinadmoolb@gmail.com


Obama doesn't now and never will have the stature or composure to stand on the same stage as the "Man" John McCain.

Gov. Sarah Palin will be the dominate person in the debate with Joe Biden. So, I'll give you the good news up front, the Democrats are going to lose this election by the square root of failure < Obama\Biden x Reid\Pelosi.


Geez Sarah, you must be having a skin (or fur or flesh, whatever), thicker than a polar bear. It's so surprising you havent thought of quitting this election, after all the mocking and ridicule of so many people.


Sarah, would you please explain your position on the "Third Wave"?
Your church is documented in videos as openly practicing "Third Wave" in church meetings.
The North American Assembly of God churches denounces such practices as heretical.
What do you have to say about this?

Sarah, would you please explain your position on the "Third Wave"?
Your church is documented in videos as openly practicing "Third Wave" in church meetings.
The North American Assembly of God churches denounces such practices as heretical.
What do you have to say about this?


You guys just dont get it. The 700 billion dollar bailout plan has been skillfully negotiated by one man and one man only. The tireless and all night telephone using,last minute debate attending, country and economy first, me last, wearing blinkers and looking no other way but directly at the White house:- Senator John McCain.

Frank Peng


Frank Peng


Andrew K

Hey Sarah do you speak in tongues or just get tongue tied when you try to speak without a prepared script?


Hey Sarah Did You know there was tv in 1929 just ask Joe Biden Keep Up The Good Work And dont let these air heads bother you on the left You got more CLASS in your little finger then they have in there whole Dem Party.

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