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September 26, 2008


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Hey! Do all left wing Obama loving Liberals write under the influence of sensory deprivation? Or do they study to be stupid?

James W. Feger

What was that forumula for the "Square Root of Failure"?

Was it Obama, Rev. Wrong, Father Phelgm, & Terrorist Aires


Obama, Biden, Pelosi, & Reid


HEY JAMES W, A GOOD EVENIN' SHOUTOUT TO YA!! Bless Your Ignorant Heart, you don't even know the correct name of Bill AYERS..its not Aires, which is an astrological sign FYI.

b.l. conway


My name is B.L. Conway. I am a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Kentucky and a 1986 graduate of its law school. I reside in Abingdon Virginia where I enjoy the practice of law. I am a history buff and a Christian that was trained in a Purpose Driven Church (the fastest growing Christian Movement in the world that was given to us by Pastor Rick Warren) here in tiny Abingdon, Virginia. My purpose is to serve others gladly and freely, which is what I am trying to do here.

Hey Sarah I have seen your church. I have got to know you: wink/wink! I know you are a charismatic.

So I want to hear your tongues. Release the tapes. I know you have them. It gets cold up there in Alaska. You must have passion to survive.

I have a lot of holy roller friends. In fact, my Brother, Bart preached in a charismatic church. So don’t lie to me. I know you have the tapes of you and your Brothers and Sisters speaking in tongues. Don’t be ashamed of your self or those you fellowship with daily.

You demagogue Senator Obama for his acquaintances:. I.e. Reverend Right and this terrorist who committed his acts when Barack was 8 years old. So you like Junior and Cheney have invited this scrutiny. I can’t help it if those in the media are not smart or religious enough to ask the right questions. But I am. So release the tapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will interpret your tongues fairly. I will research the language. On the day of Pentecost my sister, they were speaking the tongues of the sojourners from other countries to Jerusalem. This is why so many were saved that day.

So I wonder: are your tongues in Aramaic, the language of our Lord, Sister Sarah?

Well ok, are you tongues in Hebrew, my sister?

Are your tongues in Latin? You know: E Pluribus Unum. See there is mine. I am not ashamed. Are you?

Well ok, what about Greek? I know you were in a sorority, my sister. Weren’t You?

Well surely then, they are in the easiest language, Spanish. That could be very effective on the Campaign trail, Sarah.

So release the tapes. It is possible your tongues are from God. But I fear, given what I have heard from your recent speeches, they are from the Deceiver. So Release the tapes please. I will be fair and balanced: wink/wink and Tx bl.


Well, there you go! the simple truth of a dirt farmer has sown dicontent among the followers of the "Messiah".

What is it these discontents, the "Masters of Hindsight" like to rally behind? I think it is the conversations that always lead up to calling McCain the third term of Bush. Which means McCain is an extention of Bush? Is that not the gist of what the Liberals are trying to condition the public to response to as voters?

But, then when we use Pavlov's dog to illustrate the extention of Obama's affiliation with Rev. Wright, Father, Phleger, Bill Ayers, Acorn, the envy of Louis Farrakan, and Jimmy Carter's reincarnation for his second term in office "ala" Obama, are we not of the same methodolgy?

But, Obama may be of another pychological measure. There is Konrad Lorenz work with "imprint". And, it is obvious that Obama has been stimulated by his association with Wright, Phelger, Ayers, Illinois politics, Acorn etc. That kind of affiliation during the developing stages of a political mind set, could be critical to error on the side of default; "a value that a person assumes with no overiding value or action other than the effective use of language"

And, then we might, in general terms weight the differences of influences each candidate has risked or been subjected to with life, and make a reasonable assesment how he would lead us as an extension of himself!

And, you see! I like the "Maverick" and the "Pit Bull". I like where they have been, what they have done, what they are doing, and I'm confident in their judgement for resolving America's needs because of who they are and who they have associated with.

What has Obama done? He isn't independantly in realization of himself!

James W. Feger

LOL....Now I know who Obama reminds me of; Obama reminds me of Stan Laurel of the comic team Laurel and Hardy of the 1930s & 40s. That is why Obama is so well liked in Hollywood? He is a replica of a comic icon.

What has Obama done? After he loses the Presidential election, he can do stand in for the revival of a classic joke and laugh act, Vaudeville, silent movies, and talkies all over again!


JAMES, JAMES, what are you doing? Posting the same lame comment on EVERY blog post? Geeez...

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thank you admin..


Sarah seems to be very accurate about the Death Panel. Just seen some interesting youtube videos talking about that. Like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VM6JuZgVp0&feature=related

Johhny wall

Eric Weichselbaum rejects Sarah Palin’s invitation to go Moose hunting. The former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin invited Eric Weichselbaum on a moose hunting expedition in Iliamna, Alaska, but Weichselbaum, turned down the invite. "Killing animals for sport is not for me," Weichselbaum said. While he respectfully declined the invite, Weichselbaum told Palin that he'd be glad to take part in a helicopter tour of Alaska, as long as shotguns are not involved.

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Fortunately my final meeting was with someone who is quickly becoming a great friend on the campaign, Hank Kissinger. I think he could tell that I was a little frazzled by then, so he just said "Why don't we knock off early?" and instead we went down the street and got some soft-serve from McDonald's. It was great to get out of that building, and to be reminded that there are people out there who care about me and will help me through this whole process. President Ooribay is just one person, and his country's not very important anyway (maybe they could change that if they spent a little less time being rude and a little more time fighting drug lords!).

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