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September 02, 2008


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Umm, Sarah, you're becoming Vice President. Oh, just in case you use this in your speech at the convention, the P in Psilon is silent. Like in psycho.

bartholemu III

wow yes your life is exactly like the show. especially the alien gibberish

Joe Cass


Joe Cass

If you let me get a little mud on my helmet I swear I will vote for you. We both know what a little pain in the but McCain will be so for 10 minutes allow me to be the biggest pain in your but eva!


Yes, you compare yourself to President Roslyn who lead an insurgent, terrorist group against a monolithic, nationalistic robot society bent on destruction for the sake of destruction.

Your analogy does not work because, on the show, the humans are willing to accept differing viewpoints. In real life, republicans demand lock-step adherence to a rigid view, love waging war, and always think they're right. Much like the Cylons, they will enforce their will on others just because they are convinced that they are right.

Plus, on the show, the Cylons are monotheistic. The woman you compare yourself to holds a polytheistic view.

(oh, by the way, you're not running for president)

ari m.



ari m.



Mark Dewd

Sarah, I never saw the Battleship Glactica TV show, but I saw the live show at Universal Studios a long time ago. And now when I think of it, you are very much like that show. Here you come, busting on the scene, with your laser sword ready to go. You take on aliens (liberals and reporters) and you wipe them all out in a huge bloody battle. You are quite a gal!

Go Sarah! Go Jesus! Go God! Go USA!


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