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September 02, 2008


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james m.

Sarah,please don't be discouraged.We the people will know that you are the best for Our country.Your going to shine and your going to cut through all the normal political jive.You and sen mccain will make a real difference.We support you.You have been awesome treat to hear what you are going to do for America.We are excited,So go get them.Tear down the walls of the same old song we hear every election.Be Strong Keep the Faith and remember God and Country is Behind You.We Love You!!

Jackie Cremer

not liberels.

And if you want to clarify on some of these things, here is another group of guys who did a video about you that may not shed the best light on you, but please feel free to give your opinion. Or just enjoy the hilarity of what little we know about you


-A semi-liberAl who enjoys good spelling and correct grammar.

Hillary Clinton, Former First Lady, and Breaker of the Glass Ceiling

Step off, toots. You're invading MY territory. I'M the woman who was supposed to be on a presidential ticket this election.

And anyway, that loser husband of yours, Todd, is a major nobody. I'M married to the former president. TWO TERMS, bitch.

WE were supposed to be living in the Vice President's house, which, you dimwit, is located on Massachusetts Avenue next to the Naval Observatory.

But now you come along, some bear-shooting beauty queen bimbolina from freaking Alaska, of all things. And you're a crap mother, to boot. (Seriously, hon, check out Chelsea. She turned out well. There are no rugrats running around here in Chappaqua or at our Georgetown mansion. As for your little trollop, can you say "straight to the trailer park?")

Anyway, get over yourself, chiquita, and don't give up your day job. Because if I can't be president, you sure as hell can't be vice president.

Brian Braiker

Hi "Sarah Palin" -- I'm a reporter and would love to talk to you about blogging. Please shoot me an email if you have a minute and we can set up a time to talk. Cheers.

Sarah Palin

I am sure being a black guy with bling (that's what they call the thing around his neck right) he should also know that there was a rap group form Alaska that used to get lots of play on BET uncut.

The members of the group where black.

and so was the girl in the bikini in there music video.

Captain Gullible

You people are idiots if you think this is real.

conservative american from alabama

First off P Diddy is not a gangter rapper hes a multi millionaire record producer. It shows your ignorance for assuming that because he is black and asociated with hip hop that he is a gangster rapper. The word liberal has become so negative the word rolls off your toungue the way other negative words I have heard growing up in Alabama do. Who defines liberal and conservative? Also your not conservative your a religious extremist similiar to the likes of Bin Laden. Conservative people protect their estate from taxes, I should know I am one of them. Your religious views have nothing to do with the law or the state of our country today. Consider some real views like tackling the energy crises and that does not mean we should open up the artic for drilling.


This is one of the most witty sites in the web. I am addicted. Coming from trailer trash part of the USA, and spending time during the past several days researching Ms Palin, I am amazed that the blogger has the "type" down PERFECTLY.

I'm surprised that nobody has made the connection that Obama was criticised for stating that citizens turn to "guns and religion," and here we have a GOP veep candidate touting "guns and religion!!" Coincidence, hmmmmmm....

Poor Sarah! I'm sure she is a very "perky" person, but she and her husband should walk the family values talk and spend the next 4 years with their youngest son. From personal experience, a Down's Syndrome child requires 24/7 stimulation from both parents in order to reach his/her greatest potential. In my opinion, that should be her PRIORITY (since she chose to have him). The USA can move on without her.

Also, since her teen daughter will soon have a child, it is important that she be available (as she has said she should be) to model GOOD PARENTING so that the cycle of teen parenting stop with Bris. Research says that unmarried teen parents tend to have kids who become teen parents, unless someone is there to model that one should not become pregnant. This would be a great goal for a sex education class, and Ms Palin (as someone who has experience) could be the spokesperson for said sex education.


I'm just happy that someone's keeping up the Harriet Meier's legacy. Well done!

DJ Bowers

Diddy is such a retard...why would you keep spinning like that, now I have a headache and I only watched for 30 seconds and tried to listen for another 15 but just couldn't deal with the stupidity, I mean kudos for being a millionaire and all but just shut up and go spend your money on saggy pants and shit so the kids can think you're cool. Setting a good example would be a great thing, but I don't expect much from him or anyone else in Hollywood.


The blogger here is the MAN or WOMAN. Friggen hilarious. I check this blog like 5x daily. I can't stop laughing.

You are a genius my friend.

I almost feel sorry for Palin but honestly, the VP spot is not a place for a new mom of a disabled child nor a mother dealing with her child's pregnancy...what a mess. Either way, this blog is HILARIOUS. Keep it going!

ari m.



Mark Dewd

Its really mean how some you commenters are making fun of Sarah. She is a truly lovely woman. Sarah is feminine, smart and sweet. And she can gut a moose in ten minutes flat. Don't we need a Vice-President like that? It's all about change! Change! Change!

Go Sarah! Go Jesus! Go God! Go USA!


@"Hillary" - hell yea!

@Mark Dewd - i hope you're joking.

actually, to anyone who hasn't caught on that this is a PARODY, go outside, get some sunshine, and get your head out of the elephant's ass.

to "Sarah" - this is a gem. i hope if the 'real' Sarah Palin has been reading, she can find the hilarity in it, too.


Our VP is hotter than yours.

...and no, I'm not joking.


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You people are idiots if you think this is real.

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