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September 08, 2008


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Can't wait for the veep debate. Wear your flip flops.

Erik Aasgaard

You know you spelled Kerry, "Carey". Being that you're a politician, you'd think that someone of your "stature" should be able to correctly recall the last running Democratic nominees spelling of his last name. Unless you were attempting to make a funny, which it wasn't, I think you may want to review your posting.

Gavin Elster

Your toes need a little work. Perhaps you should go online and look for a pedofile to work on those toenails.


At first I thought the McCain/Palin ticket was just the "DoubleTalk Express" - now I know that they're real, they're evil and they're robots. Czechit: http://tinyurl.com/6ajcuk

Jilly Reed

Dear Sarah (oops can I call you that :D, if not then Ms. Palin),

God Bless You and all the best of luck and you are a sure shot.

Just so you know, that word you were looking for was not Badgerism - you were close though - its plajirism and it means taking something from somebody when you are not supposed too.

I'm from AK too!!! And I'm a "hockey mom" too!!! I see myself in you and hope you make it - it will be like my own dreams came true.

Both me and Chit are people of faith like you, conservative, small-town family values.

Yes to LIFE! No to Darwin's Monkeys! Yes to FAITH! No to Porn-in-school (a.k.a "sex-ed")! Yes to LOVE! No to "same-sex"! Yes to BIRTH! No to condoms!

Go Sarah!

Calamity Palin

I, too, can't wait for the VP debate. I'm popping popcorn.

Kiwi John

F**k some Yanks are stupid, When obama wins i say kill the dumb people ie the ones who think this site is legit and anyone who votes GOP.


Sarah, those are cute! I also have to comment on your selection of eyewear, they are very stylish! Do you go to Lens Crafters or Pearl Vision? I can already see that you are going to a big fashion inflewence to all American women once you take your rightful back-seat in the White House. Some women in my church group have already started to wear their hair in a fanciful up-do and sharp 80's power suits. The older ladies are trying to grow their hair out. I was there at the rally today. Did you see me? I was the one with the sign.


Yes to birth, no to condoms? What does that have to do with foot wear?!! God help us, if there is a god!


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I was the one with the sign.

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Yes to birth, no to condoms? What does that have to do with foot wear?!! God help us, if there is a god!


If psychologically prepared, all preparations have been completed.

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Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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