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September 15, 2008


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Oh please noooooooo!! not more Nancy Reagan red. Been there done that...

Obama Supporter 4 a Better America

I thought it showed how intelligent you sound. I also found it very funny...
Everyone I spoke with thought she looked a lot like you.

I want you to know I have nothing against you personally. I do follow your blog here obviously. I just do not feel that you are the person for the job you are applying.

Obama Supporter 4 a Better America

Speaking of cheap shots... your constant childish jabs at obama indirectly as they may be are equally as cheap as the shots that SNL pulled. I do not think you are doing this indirectly though as I have seen it more then once on your blog. I feel that you doing this is not only childish but also cruel. Just my opinion of course. But what do I know I'm a stupid democrat.
Especially since every chance you get you insult hawaii or him being from hawaii in one way or another. It's very highschool btw...

Repub and Jealous

Childish jabs? Please... Sarah speaks the truth, unfiltered by rational argument. Stop thinking with your head and start thinking with your gut.

Sheesh. Amatuers.


I’m voting for McCain and Palin because they do know how to think their way through a thought.

The best thing Obama can do to improve his default systems, is to wear a hat with his name printed on it so he will always be in contact with someone who knows him, and put bells on his shoes so he will always know where is he. Obama talks like a fifth grader, so he might as well dress like one.


if only sarah palin was as level-deaded as tina fey......




Jessica Simpson has just agreed to portray Sarah in the latter's life story, "Sarah Palin: Hockey Mom, President, Oil Baroness". We tried for Pamela Anderson, but she said, "I can't even handle ONE kid without 400 miligrams of Valium". Meryl Streep just hung up on us.


Oh my, you're stupid. You're just STUPID. It's YOU the kind of people who ruins America, because, you know (actually, you DON´T!), this oblivious behaviour of yours is exactly what the real powerfull ones whant you to have, so you can help them to follow their agenda, making people from USA more and more stupid while they ruin the planet and take their money, and of course, the money of the rest of the planet.

I wasn't giving a damn about this election, you know? After all, I'm brazilian. Obama, McCain, all the same. But you? You're dangerous. Someone who still lives on the paranoia of the 60's can do a lot of damage with it's influence.

If I believed that God hasn't anything more important to do then pay attention to our ridiculous politics, I would certainly ask Him to NOT let you even DREAM about winning this shit. Stay at home watching Everyboy Loves Raymond. Let other people REALLY try to make America the world leader that it could be (by the way, 9/11? Inside job, baby. Cry for the monstruosity of you republican colleagues).


Sarah, it's me again Harriett. I just wanted to tell you that Elroy and I enjoyed watching you on that comedy show the other night. I know you must have been thrilled standing next to my Hillary. If she had been that black man's VP well, I would be in a pickle. But seeing as she's not, I'm so happy to be voting for you and that elderly gentleman. I was at your rally the other day. Did you see me? I was the one with the sign.

samantha Robison

I am insulted as an American and as a woman that McCain selected Plain as the Vice President on his Presidential Ticket. You would be hard pressed in Politics Today to find someone more under qualified. Let’s ignore the beauty pageants and hockey mom experience and look at something that might actually help you run a country. For instance a strong education or perhaps any experience in the Federal Government. The facts indicate, never serving in the federal government, transferring colleges 5 times in 6 years, never once to an academically rigorous one and in the end having a degree in journalism. Thanks but no thanks. You are the Harriett Meyers of this election and I think I’ll pass.


Hi Sarah. I saw that SNL skit too and didn't know quite what to think. I tried really hard to imagine what it would be like to be portrayed on SNL by a famous actress. I guess a bit flattering on one level, but part of me would feel hurt, like they were making fun of me or something.


Hi Sarah,

Don't take these things personal, look beyond it lady! There's more important things to think about eh? :)

Calamity Palin

WTG Sarah! Your guest appearance on SNL was great. You looked as pretty as ever--thank goodness you have that going for ya.


It seems, judging from some of these posts, that quite a few people don't realize this blog is a "work of satire..." Has anyone here seen the movie "Idiocracy"?


Ooohh dearest "perturbed",
Using fancy-pancy librel words like "satire" and "idiocacy" does not help make your "point". How just like your kind that you twist the truth with big words and bigger (read: hot air) "ideas".

What we need is good ole fashoned, family-value loving folk like Sarah. Not city-slickers.

You go Sarah. Ride courageusly and victoriously to that White House.

Palin / McCain 2008!!!


I had always thought that Saturday Night Live was bad after the Church Lady left. Now it's confirmed. I thought that the way they portrayed you was extremely disrespectful. I know you can't say it because of political considerations, but I can. Tina Fey is a beotch! And Hilary is just jelous.


NUTS !!!

If the far left liberals were to describe their political choices in terms of nutritional value! It would seem as though they would have to come up with something like a can of mixed nuts: There is the peanut (Reid), the hazel nut (Pelosi), the walnut (Biden), and the macadamia nut (Obama). And, let’s not forget their intended to include nut, the
“cash-you” (tax) nut.

Now, nuts do have nutritional value, but a whole meal they do not make. And, separating the nuts into three meals, peanuts and hazel nuts for breakfast, walnuts for lunch, and macadamia and “cash-you” nuts for dinner leaves a lot to be desired. And although these mixed nuts are a combination of less than fifty per-cent peanuts and considered a deluxe nut package, no one should be crazy enough to believe that the value/rule of life under a diet of nuts is going to benefit anyone except the nut packers DNC the Deluxe Nut Committee.

Nuts might be a good snack, but in terms of a political nutritional choice, I’m going with McCain and Palin. They just look like they know what a well-balanced self reliant, freedom spirited American should be served for their social and political health. And, when they speak, they speak to our spirit of independence, self-reliance, our social conscious, and our common sense.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve heard enough of what the deluxe nuts have done and what they intend to do. I’m not in a state of denial, a subconsciously depressed citizen with latent tendencies of becoming a socialist, and I don’t want to be spoken to like I’m. But, after this November, it won’t matter, the liberals will have to vacuum seal and shelve their deluxed, mixed-up nuts.

I’m dieting and dinning with whatever the McCain’s and Palins will be cooking up. And, I’m going to vote for them to serve us to a better political health from out of the White House’s kitchen. (And, if I want a snack, I’ll eat popcorn)


Yo, James. You forgot to include the "nut-cracker"?? ie (Hillary)??


"I mean they can keep making fun of my accent (although that is kind of a cheap shot) but what else is there?"

I am seriously in love with the writer of that sentence. Brilliant.


The Democrats shot themselves in the a _ _ with the Hilary issues and now they've taken an axe and are beating themselves over the head with the rest of the female gender: Keep slurring the ladies. It is the perfect strategy to use to secure a reserved seat in the bleachers after November.


"I mean they can keep making fun of my accent (although that is kind of a cheap shot) but what else is there?"

I am seriously in love with the writer of that sentence. Brilliant.

Me too. I mean, seriously, WHAT ELSE IS THERE?


Here's an idea to all of you feeling sorry for her because Tina Fey did such a spot on impression. If she had a more solid background other than shooting at things and hockey, there wouldn't be so much damn material to pick at.

If you have the audacity to run for VP when your as under qualified as she is, you better be prepared to putting up with everyone making fun of you. The sad thing is, McCain and Palin are probably gonna win, because here in the US we like to vote for people like us to govern us. And the majority of the US is as intelligent as Palin, so she'll get votes.

Oh and Palin, grow some tougher skin, OR read a book or something other than the Bible. Maybe you'll start to sound like you actually went to college.

Jerry Collins

"Building Bridge"

Satire Veritas: A Palindrome

Something there is that doesn't need a bridge,
But some would plan a bridge to anywhere,
To please constituents. Earmarks, I mean,
No one has seen them made or heard them made,
But at fall budget-time we find them there.
I let the governor know beyond the hill;
She is VP, or says she wants to be,
And on a day we meet about her plan,
Discuss the bridge between us once again.
We talk affairs between us as we go.
“I can see Russia from my house!” she said.
Or so I thought, but she denied the thought.
For it was not a bridge to Russia that she sought.
The earmarked money came so quick and fast
She wore her fingers rough from handling it.
But though a portion was in the state’s banks,
She still claimed “I told Congress thanks but no thanks.”
Our words are just another out-door game,
One on a side. They come to little more:
There at that spot we do not need the bridge:
She only says, “Good bridges make good neighbors”.
Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
If I could put a notion in her head:
”Why do they make good neighbors? Isn't it
Where there are neighbors?
But here there are no neighbors.
Before I built a bridge I'd ask to know
What I was bridging to or bridging from,
And to whom I was like to give offence.
Something there is that doesn't love raw pork,
That wants it out.” I could say to her,
But I'd rather she said it for herself. I see her there
with bags of cash grasped firmly by the top
In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
But even with the money in the bank
She moves in darkness as it seems to me~
Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
She will not go behind her former saying,
And she likes hearing the sound of it so well
She says it still again, "Thanks but no thanks."


Amercia, we need to clean up "Dodge" (Washington D.C.). Who are you going to trust, Wyatt Earp (McCain) and Annie Oakley (Palin), or Dapper Dan (Obama) and Clim Clod-Hopper (Biden)

I would feel much better with an expeirenced old wolf (McCain) with a lock jaw bite and a barracuda back-up(Palin), than a whimpering loud barking young pup (Obama) followed by a flip flopping magpie (Biden).

The bridge between Obama and Biden comes from out of no-where and ends in no-where.

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