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September 11, 2008


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Hi Sar! I was really hoping to read your sassy retort to Obama calling you a pig (such a jerk thing to do), but it seems maybe your feelings are a little more hurt than we dedicated blog-readers realize. I hope you're doing ok and that you'll share your thoughts on this with us soon. In the meantime, tell Mr. McCain that I'm thinking of some really good comebacks targeting Michelle!


Hello Sarah, Just wanted to let you know, you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "America is a land of opportunities". You give the rest of us so much hope and inspiration.


if you really think this is sarah palin's actual blog, you are too stupid to vote.


No, maybe Liger was playin along. Subtly. It's possible.

Hoover Pendleton

Talk about life imitating metaphor. This is fascinating. Fat cat bureaucrats really ARE in bed with Big Oil. And hey, isn't Sarah Palin all about Big Oil? And hasn't the Enquirer been digging into allegations about her having an affair with a business associate of her husband - who works for Big Oil?


Sarah I hope the taxpayers are noy picking up the tab for your daughters unconsquental pregranacy.

oto kiralama

This blog must not be real, because not all these books were available at the time the library issue of rewriting policies was being discussed. I think this blog is false and only pretending to be Sarah. http://www.hemenarac.com http://www.kardeslerrentacar.com http://www.burun-estetigi.info http://www.magicplast.com http://www.magicsacekimi.com


think this blog is false and only pretending to be Sarah.

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And I know some people will want to point the finger the OG boys, but if you actually talk to them you know that they're really good guys. With all the makeup and slutty pantsuits that those girls wear I don't think you can really blame them.

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