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September 11, 2008


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Lucas Forte

If only a moose, polar bear, wolf, or other wild animal would trample that bitch down!


On December 28th, 2006, Sarah Palin VETOED a very important Alaskan bill.

Had governor Palin not VETOED the bill, this bill would have PROHIBITED the
Extension of Employment-Related Benefits to Same-Sex Partners of Alaska State Employees.

That's right, this bill would have PROHIBITED the Extension of Employment-Related
Benefits to Same-Sex Partners of Alaska State Employees.

See the Facts:

Her Veto should be hailed publicly a triumph for liberals, but you will never hear about this
"fair minded" veto decision by Ms. Palin in the mainstream media or those on the far left for
a few reasons:

1) Our mainstream media and those on the far left suffer from "the soft bigotry of lowered expectations".
2) They just plain "don't care" about being fair about the facts on Ms. Palins record as governor.
3) Ms. Palin, as a career woman, represents the single greatest threat to the party that would like
to have sole ownership of the term "femenism", or "woman's rights".

Reading IS Sexy

"East-coast abortion and science lovers that are ruining this country."
Wow! Did Sarah Palin really say this?
And this: "M.D. I hate you so much!!!"
I thought a VP should have an education higher than middle school and behaved like an adult.

And while you are at it why don't all those homosexuals, Hispanics, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, Italians, Irish, Germans, gay-lovers, book-lovers, star-lovers, tree-huggers, hippies, vegetarians, pro-choice, anti-guns, bible-thumping, open-minded freaks leave as well since they are probably ruining your country!
You ought to move to Burma (Myanmar this week), you would fit in with the generals!
I thought I recognized you as one of the Thought Police in 1984.
Hey! hey! Can't have any of those abortion or science lovers!
My way or get out of this country! You are ruining it!

How about teenage pregnancy? Shouldn't talk about it, might get other girls to do it - Hey! If the VP's daughter did it, so can I?

Maybe we should send sex-lovers, teenage-pregnant-daughters to their own special place. Maybe they ought to move to a Middle Eastern country where they can wear a Burka so they don't get pregnant, right. But you, as a woman leader would not be able to open your mouth. This country with all those abortion and science lovers allowed you to become who you now are!

Avid Hunter vs. Pro-Life! (???)

"i think one of Sarah's first official acts as President is to reinstitute corporal punishment in school for rude kids." by ddjango.

How about for pregnant teenagers? No sex before marriage!!! These sexual kids need to be punished!!!
Remember "The Magdalene Sisters"? Palin's daughter has "fallen" and should wear the "Scarlett Letter."

As a woman, what I dislike about you is this great pretense that you can do it all, like the 1950's woman. Baby in hand while on the phone. Please give me a break!
I can only imagine how you are in private when you are stressed out to the limit and PMSing. Man! All those kids, your husband, the house, the community, the baby that constantly needs, a pregnant teenager and the other girls learning after her, politics...letters to write, proposals to command, dreams to fulfill, etc, etc, etc.
44 years old and menopause approaching with huge responsibilities. I don't buy it. Something has to give. Someone will loose.
What is your secret at the end of the day? Do you have enough time for your husband? your children individually? yourself? Do you have dinner prepared? Do you sit with your kids and help with homework? with anything they might need? And I bet at the end of this amazing day you read to all your kids while they fall asleep.

And we women thought superwoman was out of style. On your next photo shoot you should be carrying your baby, talking on the phone while wearing an apron looking immaculate as your husband comes home.
Women have fought so hard against the Amazing-Super-Woman-Syndrome and here you come and pretend to do it all.

Every woman i know that has a similar lifestyle to yours, minus the politics, is braking. But it's a sad, scary, tired thing to see. You are no different than any of us. And most important you are not super or wonder woman.

"Second, Matt Demon, why don't you try and make realistic action movies like Red Dawn instead of all those totally fake Jason Born movies (as governor of Alaska I live with the reality that the Soviet Union and Cuba could attack at anytime- something Matt Demon doesn't have to worry about)." by Palin

"Realistic like Red Dawn,"? Was that a fictional movie or did I miss something? I think you have lived isolated for way too long. Cuba attack? Wow! That was like in the 80's man!
What happened to China?
Hey, lets be real, neither Matt Damon nor Sarah Palin have to worry about anyone attacking because they won't be in the front lines or near it. The VP would be secured in some locked down place after traveling in some wonderful jet.
The rest of us, well, casualties of war.

"if I was Vice President he (Matt Damon) and I could hang out, maybe have a couple of drinks, listen to some music." by Palin.

You MUST write a book and tell us women how you do it, because after all you do and you still have time to hang-out, have some drinks, and listen to some music, man i must be doing something wrong.



All I can say is that Matt is right. He's not being mean or has anything against Sarah as a person. The reality is that McCain isn't exactly a young chicken anymore, and the stress of running the arguably most important country in the world at one of the most important points in history of the entire globe makes the likelihood of him surviving a term as president quite low. Coming from a small town myself, I can say that a country's economy is nothing like what Alaska has faced, and simply growing up in the city would give you more experience about what the real world and the world outside the US is, than living in some remote area of the world like Alaska. You seem to think that "science lovers" are ruining the country. The truth of the matter is that science and religion aren't mutually exclusive. In case you don't know what that means (hey, if you don't know the bush doctrine then you might not have heard of this term up in Alaska), it basically says just because you have one, doesn't mean you can't have the other. Science should be used to prove the existence of God and explain this miraculous universe He has created. I'm not even religious and I can see that. Religion explains the gaps that science can't yet explain, and in that way we can have a great balance. Banning books or darwinism and teaching creationism (which defies science) is like teaching kids that the house they live in was built by God. Carbon dating on dinosaur bones proves the Earth has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Linguistics explains about how translations between languages over time makes you lose the meaning no matter what, resulting in likely misunderstandings of what was written in the holy texts, which means that they probably state the age of the Earth in such a way that is consistent with the dinosaurs existing on the planet, but we misunderstood the time scale. The "days" spoken of in the texts may have been originally inscribed as "rotations", but should have referred to the rotations of the solar system, rather than the rotation of the planet. Defying science is the equivalent to you defying the existence of God. It simply is ludicrous and makes you look immensely ignorant and stupid. ... All I can say is that I hope this website is a hoax. If it is real and you get elected ... God help us all!! Of course if McCain survives the term we don't really have much to worry about because the VP hockey mom will have her team to help her out, just like Bush did.


All right media and Hollywood....You destroyed the Economy 6 months before the election with bad new and lies..... in hopes that it would help get Obama elected. He's been elected. Now what??? What are you going to do to fix the damaged economy you've created????? Even though Americans will lose a lot of their money, homes, and jobs from bad news and lies....at least they'll be quite entertained by "Obama Can Save You" Script you've written. Hooray for Hollywood . Take care of us Obama.....and we'll take care of you. The "Obama Can Save You" script will take the misery off the little people's minds while we make millions, billions. The bad economy will be temporary for them (we hope) but hey....At least it got you elected!


Sarah Palin.....I love how she's a big stick up a Democrat/Liberal's Arse.
A Real Republican....she's no chicken.
We love ya Sarah!!! Stick to your guns.

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I really think Matt Damon should get an Oscar for his performance in "ripping into Palin". It was such great acting, he is so funny. I enjoy all of Matt's movies. He is an extraordinary actor and performer. Not many people are as talented as he is. The people that truly believe that he was knocking and making fun of Governor Palin, a Governor of the United States of America, wake up!! He is an actor!! If you believed his drama and performance, then clap, this is what he does for a LIVING. Matt Damon is not a stupid man. He knows what he is doing. There is NO WAY he would not act it. Would a well known respected, highly paid well liked actor make fun of and poke derogatory remarks at Governor Schwarzenegger? Even if this well known actor really didn't like Governor Schwarzenegger? The answer is obvious. People wake up. Ask Matt, it was an act. The whole skit was an act. He is not that dumb.

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lican Party Platform). But I thought she must have had an off night, I just didn't see the resemblance. So it was kind of a letdown. That, plus no good catch phrases ("sock it to me" etc.), so I don't really see how they could make

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