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September 18, 2008


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Hi Todd, I think you better sit behind Sarah now on that old snowmobile and work that throttle. Way things are looking now, she's going downhill fast,after her flash in the pan popularity.


Todd!! You're sizzling hot, gorgeous you. Don't even think of disappearing again. All of us women just love you. hugs, hugs, and more hugs...



Sara Palin Milf tshirts


Sara Palin Milf tshirts


Hey Opal:

You're practically panting. Get it into your head that the dude's MARRIED (ie unavailable) and this is technically his wife's website.

Calamity Palin

Greta needs to go back to school.


Sarah Palin is hot!

Show your support by buying a t-shirt!



Was anybody else reminded of the big end of an egg?

Don't put all your shotgun cartridges in one moose.


Where ya gonna find parking for all yer ATV's out in DC?

I'm sure you can just park em out on the lawn. AND thank goodness you don't have to worry about any pesky grizzlies when you set your freezer out on the porch too.


I didn't realize what kind of sick people Obama has supporting him. And, I'm kind of wondering who is control of the thought control here. Is it under advisement for the benefit of Obama!
Does this Democrat have the kind of mind set that attracts these kind of people?


I don't know where you get your information JAMES w. FEGER, but Sarah is a REPUBLICAN, not a Democrat. That's why we love her.

Either join the party or go annoy someone else. This is a website for people that love Sarah Palin. Woohoo!

James W. Feger


Did you read the message? I'm slamming Obama supporters. Even if you read my message backwards, you realllllllllllly missed the meaning.

You need to read a few more of the messages on the different topics posted here!

John McCain and Sarah Palin belong in the White House. I don't want Obama filling in Jimmy Carter's second term as President.

James W. Feger

NUTS !!!

If the far left liberals were to describe their political choices in terms of nutritional value! It would seem as though they would have to come up with something like a can of mixed nuts: There is the peanut (Reid), the hazel nut (Pelosi), the walnut (Biden), and the macadamia nut (Obama). And, let’s not forget their intended to include nut, the
“cash-you” (tax) nut.

Now, nuts do have nutritional value, but a whole meal they do not make. And, separating the nuts into three meals, peanuts and hazel nuts for breakfast, walnuts for lunch, and macadamia and “cash-you” nuts for dinner leaves a lot to be desired. And although these mixed nuts are a combination of less than fifty per-cent peanuts and considered a deluxe nut package, no one should be crazy enough to believe that the value/rule of life under a diet of nuts is going to benefit anyone except the nut packers DNC the Deluxe Nut Committee.

Nuts might be a good snack, but in terms of a political nutritional choice, I’m going with McCain and Palin. They just look like they know what a well-balanced self reliant, freedom spirited American should be served for their social and political health. And, when they speak, they speak to our spirit of independence, self-reliance, our social conscious, and our common sense.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve heard enough of what the deluxe nuts have done and what they intend to do. I’m not in a state of denial, a subconsciously depressed citizen with latent tendencies of becoming a socialist, and I don’t want to be spoken to like I’m. But, after this November, it won’t matter, the DNC (Deluxe Nut Committee) will have to vacuum seal and shelve their deluxed, mixed-up nuts.

I’m dieting and dinning with whatever the McCain’s and Palins will be cooking up. And, I’m going to vote for them to serve us to a better political health from out of the White House’s kitchen. (And, if I want a snack, I’ll eat popcorn)

P.S. as was posted on the "Machine Gunning" topic on this blog.

James W. feger

The corrupt CEO's of Wall Street are stripping the average American of his sense of value/security and Obama and his friends are out eating $28,000.00 plates of food. Is the value of that dinner directly proportionate to the type of toilet paper used by these elite butt-heads. If not, lets be creative. The next time Obama has a Pajama Party, don’t let anyone leave without a signed roll of toilet paper. A person doesn’t have to eat a $28,000.00 dinner, but if he/she does, double up on the profit and charge them another $28,000.00 to wipe off any traces of it.

James W. Feger


Only a far left nut could admit they couldn’t conceive an original idea. But, I’m glad to be able to help you get through the thinking process of a thought. Your beans plagiaristic comments on my message about the "nut can" kind of reminds me of the foot in the mouth syndrome Obama is presently suffering from with his the “lipstick” statement.

I’m voting for McCain and Palin because they do know how to think their way through a thought.

The best thing Obama can do to improve his default systems, is to wear a hat with his name printed on it so he will always be in contact with someone who knows him, and put bells on his shoes so he will always know where is he is. (And, don’t try commercializing that thought, it’s intellectual property.) If Obama is going to talk like a fifth grader, he might as well dress like one.

Hope that stimulated your LIBERAL envy: Eat your nuts and I’ll send you some beans for dessert.



"realllllllllllly missed the meaning?"

I'm beginning to think that YOU are the Nut, and certainly not a "deluxe" one at that. If you want to be taken seriously, write concisely and spell correctly. You might have an affinity for the letter L (because you're Liberal or whatever), but 2 is enough for "really." You require 12--and this is a testament to your hyperbolic nature.

James W. Feger

Thanks Dave,

Your comments have convinced me that you are an Obama supporting liberal, a realllll liberalllll.

You've earned the right to print your name on your hat and tie bells onto your shoes!

P.S. please feel free to correct any grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.


Is anyone else getting really annoyed by James?


What part of my support for McCain and Palin don't you understand? I want John McCain as the next President of the United States and I think that in another 8 years, Sarah Palin will be the first lady President: Not Hillary Clinton.

If you are annoyed with that, then enjoy being annoyed.

Don't put all your shotgun cartridges in one moose.

Wow James,

I believe you have clearly demonstrated an impoverishment of the senses.


Liberals write under the influence of sensory deprivation and an elitist mentality for self-aggrandizement.

What has Obama done, I don’t read the small print.

Idiot: Its shotgun shells, cartridges are hard casing ammo. And, you don't hunt moose with a shot gun. Go back to Obama Land.

Less is more

Do you have a full arsenal in your basement or just in your head?

Thanks though for making it through the "A's" in your 17th century dictionary.

In the mean time, I'm going to try to use "aggrandizement" in at least five sentences today!


I just came back from doing weekende groceries and before getting ready to make dinner I thought I will see what Todd was up to. I thought Whoa when i saw all the mean comments. I thought the point of this thread was to send hearts to Todd. And just in case you're still here Michael I didn't mean hugs in an immorel way of course I know Todd's married! Todd I hope you are having a wonderful weekende with your family.



“Drill for oil in any area in the U.S. for us, build more clean coal refineries, build more nuclear power plants, develop the technology to refine oil from oil shale, work on wind power, continue to investigate solar energy, and further develop the field of research in biofuel technology.”

I believe from what I’ve heard on the news, this is what McCain and Palin are supporting in an effort to become more energy efficient and more self-reliant. Why are the far left radicals blocking our access to our own natural resources until we have the technology to gradually wean ourselves from the use of so much fossil fuels?

Adam West

Just want to remind folks who live overseas or who will be overseas during the election day, as I will be in Amsterdam that day - you can vote from abroad, check this link for info.
Thank you,

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