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September 12, 2008


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Way to go Sarah! (you don't mind if I call you Sarah, right? Of course not, but does Todd mind?) Anyway, way to go Sarah!

That Charley was so trying to get you to say something that would make you look stupid, but you wouldn't do it. It's better to not answer a tough question or just give a speech, I always say, instead of answering it wrongly, or misinformedly - and you did BOTH....I mean not answering and giving a speech, not answering wrongly or misinformedly...you definitely did not do that!

And for the record, I think he made up that "Bush Doctor In" thingy. He was probably thinking he'd trip you up, because you know, McCain has to always have a "doctor in" when he travels since he's so old, so maybe Charley was trying to get you to say that McCain and Bush are the same because they both are old or something. Whatever! You know who else is old? Abraham Lincoln! And JESUS! I'd vote for either one of those guys to be our president!

Anyway, I just wanted to say way to go Sarah! I've never been a fan of hockey moms, or any types of moms really (except my own, she's the best)...they're usually kinda old and creep me out a bit, but you are make me think hokcey moms are pretty awesome! Way to go!


OMG Sarah, you were awesome!! (P.S. I love those Applebee Riblets to!!) I no what you mean about Charley Gibson. Why do the liberals in the media always try to trick Republicans with complicated questions? Do they think their smarter than regular people like you and me? I mean, you spent six years in college at FIVE different schools to get you're BA in Communications, so how does Charley Gibson think he's going to fool you? Answer-- he can't!!

P.S. I hope you win so Todd can get that '78 Camaro Z28 he's had his eye on!!


Sarah, you did wonderful! And don't worry about the Bush Doctrine question, probably 95% of those listening had no idea what that was. When I first heard Charlie say "Bush Doctrine" I thought it was the name of a porn film preview that I had seen on that movie channel they show in hotel rooms when I'm travelling. Of course I didn't watch the film, just the preview. That's not a sin, right?


Sarah, I would just like to say that I think you what the US need. I will say as to the Harry Potter stuff that I dont agree with you. However, I do belive that every person has the right to talk about the choise of books and not to told they are wrong.

I hope have to change to watch you say in person.



To Sarah.

I notice you're wearing that striped bracelet again in the interview. I've tried to look at several pictures of you wearing it, and I still don't know if it's a jewellry bracelet or perhaps even a watch? I don't know what it is. All I know is that I like it and I want it too!!! Please tell me where I can get it too.

North American Mayoral Bridges League of Alaska

Supper Job Sarah!

You totally told him exactly where he could stick his direct questions. And thank goodness you studied first, it really showed! So don't worry about that whole Bush Doctor In issue. When you get to office, you can change it to the Palin Peacemaker Initiative.

It's sooo much easier to "defend" America when you take on a global military initiative like the current administration. Like selling military secrets to the states we now occupy (and who also harbor terrorists,) this way, they can more easily strengthen and proliferate their global networks with our technologies. But it only works best when we drain our economic and technological resources here at home. It's a win-win reciprocal relationship that must not end!

You keep up the good work!

A++++ !!


Sarah, we enjoyed your interview so much and are really looking forward to the second installment. We've even started a new drinking game in your honor! No, really! Every time you say "Charlie", we take a drink. It's awesome!!! Anyway, it will make us sad when someone else interviews you, too, but maybe we should just change the rules of your games so that whenever you say the name of any old interviewer, we'll take a drink. That is going to SO rock!!!


Hey Betty,
You could just change it to let's knock one back every time Sarah does that little fist-pump gesture. I bet she does it whether she's talking to/about Charlie, Tom, Dick, Harry or even that Bush Doctering guy.

Kenn Amdahl

You're doing a heck of a job, Sarah. Keep up the good work. But now that we've befuddled all the crazies on our left, it looks like we may have to battle some of the crazies off to our right. I know, you didn't think there were crazies to your right-- you didn't think there were people to your right. Well, some people are now concerned you might not be conservative enough. Just thought I'd warn you:


Indian Lake Papa

Hi Sarah! Go lady go! I have a blog as you can see! Stop by! I would be honored! You are doing great! God Bless!



I think you handled things just right, don't let yourself get on the defensive with theses guys, keep focused on the 'prize', and its just alright to say "I don't know"! what'do they say then!! Go girl..... J


Sarah, You are amazing!
You are a great candidate and i hope you do not lose your composure
I hope that you gain very many supporters and vacuum them up like a vacuum cleaner!!
There are a lot of politicians who do not have any idea what the "Bush doctrine" is.
This is just a trick question - and you answered this to the best of your ability.
I think you handled yourself very well.
You have my prayers and support going forward!!
You are going to shake things up in Washington!


Nice comments!
Then again if they've read the text on the right column (font should be smaller) =lol if they've not...LOL:)



I had also been confused by that text when I first saw it. Later I finally realized that the text in the right hand colum is referring to the obviously fake McCain/Palin web site link shown at the top of that colum, not Sarah's blog itself. Glad to clear that up for you.


I have never written to a politician before. I feel moved to cheer you on. You represent so much to us working women and how far we can go. You did a great job feilding Charlie's biased liberal questions, keeping that great smile on your face.

Seattle Mom


You go girlfriend! You are the most refreshing thing to hit politics in my lifetime. You so encourage me with the way you are balancing so many aspects of your life. Your interview was wonderful. We stayed up late just to watch it. We love you!

cravin moorehead

Was that the contestant for the Miss America Pageant, from South Carolina? She didn't mention Africa!

David Higgins

Dear Mrs Palin
Anyone, especially a politician who may be destined for high office, who includes 'oil pipeline' and God's will in the same sentence makes me feel very uncomfortable. "God's will" is an appeal to the emotions used by many people who have made me feel uncomfortable over the years; fundamental terrorists use it frequently. I assume you believe that your 'God's Will' is the correct one, unfortunately they believe that too.
I've no firm views on an Alaskan pipeline, it's simply that citing 'God's will' as a reason or justification for it is, I feel, arrogant and pretentious. There's no substitute for sound logic and reason.

I viewed part of the interview by Charlie and it was to my regret that you didn't answer his question as to whether or not you consider it right to make strikes into Pakistan without the agreement of the Pakistan government. A simple yes or no would have raised your credibility much more than the smoke and mirrors and obfuscation which your response provided.

And by the way what on earth is a hockey-mum? I've tried all over to get a simple definition on this but without success. One source says it's what used to called a soccer-mum...but what on earth's a soccer-mum? A simple and clear definition would be much appreciated.
Kind regards
David Higgins. A confused Englishman.

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an Party Platform). But I thought she must have had an off night, I just didn't see the resemblance. So it was kind of a letdown. That, plus no good catch phrases ("sock it to me" etc.), so I don't really see how they could make

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