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September 12, 2008


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I heard you're going hunting with Dick Cheney!!

Be careful!


Okay, everyone, fasten your seatbelts. There's something really "fishy" in all of this, pardon the pun. Whenever a politician or political spouse hunkers down and "disappears" all of a sudden, it's more than likely that some scandal is on the verge or erupting!! Well, I say to Mr. Todd, dude, be a man, take the blows, and weather it out in the public.


I agree this is a strange post. How could he not even know where he's going, and when he's coming back??


Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry. How old is she? Horror! You don't think it's... "he" do you????

Indian Lake Papa

Have a great trip aand stop by my blog someday - God bless!


Can you spell "subpeona"?


Gotta love the Repulican who "appeared in camouflage pants on a short break from moose hunting to cast his vote".

Offensive To Muslims


You can do better than that.

Janet Partridge

a lot of people just come across as catty, they hold no substance to what they say, why can't people just make an effort to listen and learn, then judge, but only on policy not character assassination.

I find it strange that Matt Damon, like us all, has the ability to find out about Sara Palin fact and fiction. Yet lacks the nous to do so, due to this he makes a fool of himself. Love ya Matt but do your homework before you speak. I like Obama and Sara Palin the both have grate character:) God bless you Sara you are an inspiration to all women world wide.


Excellent blogsite, Sarah. You rock!! In fact, you put the "vice" back in vice-president. Reminds me of my youth and Spiro Agnew. Good times. Hope you don't mind that I've put the photo of you in your flag bikini and firearm on my blog. Way to show off your guns and I need all the inspiration I can get.
Any chance that instead of debating Joe Biden--BORING!!!--you could have a smack-down with Tina Fey?? Think about it. Would appeal to women and comedy lovers everywhere.

marguerite manteau-rao

In the mean time, Sarah will be publishing her secret thoughts elsewhere at




i think this blog is wonderful.

as someone else posted, "if you think this blog is real, then you're too stupid to vote"

did anybody even bother to read the note on the right hand side?

i found this in hopes that it would be real, so id have material to cite in an article i'm writing, but i got better ammunition: the stupidity of the average american conservative voter.

a good portion of these comments actually make me laugh.

but a part of me is honestly disappointed, and i hope that some of you are joking.


Palin is ready to lead. She has executive experience in Alaska, a challenging state and foreign policy experience. She's at least left the country which is more than I can say for Obama...Hawaii doesn't count.

She had a bad interview. But every other time she's spoken to the press she did great. They are picking on this one interview out of like 4 million because she is a woman. NOT FAIR!


I wish people would stop saying this blog isn't real. You are being really hurtful to Sarah. Hasn't she been through enough after that mean interview that made her look so stupid, even though we all know she isn't?


jasmine, im pretty sure that you're joking.
"this site is a work of satire and is not affiliated with Sarah Palin in any way."
or did you just turn a blind eye to that too?

and for who ever accused critics of palin as a sexist, grow up.
her platform is almost completely anti-feminist.

'.....even though we all know she isn't'
ok, granted she's not stupid per se, she's a complete lunatic.
and a fascist.
the 'banned book list' going around is fake, but it is proven that she DID ask Mary Ellen Emmonds about the possibility of banning certain books.
there is no argument there.
read about it on the Time website.


I agree with Jasmine. I think this blog by Sarah and her family is real. And before you start talking about the "right hand side of the screen" again, yes, I did read that. But don't you see that it's just kind of a device to keep liberal "cynics" away. Only people who can believe, and only the people who have faith in Sarah, ought to engage with her thoughts and support her. (actually, I take that back--I guess it would be nice if more people came to see what a beautiful soul she has...)

lauren alexander

Uh-oh; Sarah, you may want to check out this blog.


SARAH please tell me that you are not having problems because of the blog. PLEASE PLEASE we're missing you and the real Sarah becomes all of a sudden more real!


Are you people completely stupid?!?! This website is not supported by sarah palin in any way shape or form.

How can you people even support this crazy bitch. She is against everything. She hates women, animals, loves war and supports the right to bare arms. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THERE ARE SO MANY SCHOOL SHOOTINGS IN AMERICA?!?!? I can walk to a variety and buy a gun for fuck sakes. I live in Canada, and you hear nothing like that hear. She is just a female version of Bush. If she ever becomes the President, God help us all!!!


Sarah i LOVE your lip liner - we women should all start wearing lip liner and fix our hair like you). I'm gonna buy a gun and start shooting meese and try to look like you! I'll even say Charlie every other word! I'll abandon my family and throw my problem kids to the press and get into politics! Sara aren't you the best American mother! Charlie!


Hey, what's the difference between a lipliner and lipstick?

Rob Spectre

Hey Todd,

Just a heads up while you're out, you mind if I come over and keep Sarah company?

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INtvFOyB6CM

Hugs and kisses,


Florence Carter

Many of you may not be old enough to know just how hard it is to tease your own hair into a beehive the way Sarah does. I know she has help in getting ready for the camera these days, bbut don't forget, she has had to do it herself for many years.


Beehive hairdo - charlie
Lipstick and liner, Republican bomb
Punch in the air - charlie
Here's the hockey mom.

War with Russians- charlie
Ignorance but a lot of aplomb
Censorship but Bible - charlie
Here's the hockey mom.


Right on Larsen. dandangoose, if that's even your real name, people who love Sarah and love this blog know that stupid sign on the right is just put there to make sure only the true believers keep coming back. otherwise, there will be so many comments the site won't be able to handle it and it would like crash or something.

And what's with Izabella? Why do people have to be so nasty? No wonder everyone hates liberals. If you don't like it, go read that communist/baby killer/muslim/christian extremist/unpatriotic/scary black dude Obama's blog. Oh he doesn't have one? No wonder. That's cause no-one would read it.

Go Sarah!



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