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September 03, 2008


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Mike in Palmer

You know what would be fun? Let's make a drinking game from the speach. How about every time Sarah says "Alaska" we throw one back!

(Todd, they may not show you while everyone's cheerin. I think they'll be shootin the crowd then.)

rudy G

Drill baby drill! Drill baby drill!


the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick! god that's rich, sars, I'm gonna use that one soon.

Kate Dickman

She just said ALASKA with pride! Let's throw another one back!

OK so the Lipstick/Hockey Mom joke was brilliant!!!1!! She's sold me!

rudy G

better take Trig back, your youngest daughter is trying to part his hair on national tv with her spit.


She is not qualified to be Vice President and certainly not President of the USA. She has nothing to offer beyond state (a low populated state) government.

Andrejs Ozolins

Shame on you Sarah Palin, for taking the low road of ridicule, mockery, and distortion. Have you really no policy difrerences to talk about? Must you be a stupid political vandal to assert a position. You discredit people of religion, conservativees, all thoughtful citizens. God protect us from such glib amorality.


I think she just turned this thing around.....

Paul Gardner

The speech was great,,, I kept hearing how everyone was expecting a home run,,, I want to say it was more like a grand slam!!!! May our God be with the both of you (Sarah & Todd),,, please both stay strong!!! Our country really needs you at this time!!! McCain & Palin!!! God Bless You and may God Continue to Bless America!!!The more the left squeals,, the more effective we know you are being!!!

Bill in Portland

Hey Paul Gardner, you know this is a satire site, right? Or maybe it's me who's clueless for not recognizing your comment as satire. God, I just can't tell anymore.


This site is hilarious!!

Please, PLEASE give The Todd his own spinoff site!

Remember that horrible, short-lived sit-com by the makers of South Park based on the Bush family White House?

This site is like that, only the exact, hilarious opposite!

Keep up the good work! You've bumped The Daily Show to #2 in my daily media sanity routine.

Mike in Palmer

Todd! I know you must be very proud!! What a beautiful family. God Bless you, Sarah and all your family, including Levi too!! He looked really thrilled tonight, dont you think!

sweetie in Miami

Todd, It's great to hear your description of everything I just saw on the television. I watched you and your family as much as I could. The truth is I never much cared for politics or even ( DARE I SAY) Jack McCain before It was announced that Sarah was onboard. I think your wife is just pure sunlight! She is tough too though. I know that the news of Bristol's pregnancy was unexpected, but it shows such grace and wisdom the way you have embraced it. And wow, Levi is SO handsome! Your grandchild will be beautiful like the rest of your family. Congratulations to you guys!
-Sweetie in Miami
P.S. I love the art on your blog. I bought fabric with the same print on it and am planning on making a shower curtain from it!!! I also have a little ceramic wolf which will coordinate that sits on the back of my toilet!! I like to think it is my "ALASKA" bathroom!!! CUTE right????


anyone else think Sarah came off as the bitchy know-it-all 'popular' girl from high school that everyone hates behind her back?


anyone else think Sarah came off as the bitchy know-it-all 'popular' girl from high school that everyone hates behind her back?


It sure was cute when she winked and/or did that thing with her lips pursed -- you know, that kind of "tough smile" thing where she was, like, trying not to laugh at her own funny little pot-shots at Dems, community organizers and other losers.
I don't know about you, but I'm having a party on Friday night. We're going to watch the speech again without the sound and knock one back every time Sarah winks or does that purse-lipped thing. We're going to get sooooo wasted. It's going to be soooo awesome!


When McCain came out at the end of Sarah's speech, I was sooooooo surprised! What was so cool about it was to see McCain contrasted with Sarah's beauty queen charisma.

Women are advancing! March on women everywhere!
It's like that Suffrage movement all over again, except the women are prettier.

the mistery

she was wrong for talkinbout barack obama because he was taking up for she is a belittling person thank you


Did anyone find the little girl putting spit on her hand revolting? Or is it just me?


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