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September 03, 2008


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Bogus site

This site is a work of satire and is not affiliated with Sarah Palin in any way


"BOGUS SITE" YOU CAN'T FOOL THE AMERICNA PEOPLE! I have it on good authority that this is real blog from Mrs. Palin herself and I think it does a good job showing the country her human side.

Joe Cass

I would like to do some unspeakable acts with you Sarah, consensual of course. We could start out clubbing some seals and end with sealing my club.


I do not believe the "vetting" process is completely finished. I have a friend who is an Alaska native who tells me the worst days are coming in late October. Look for the liberals and far-left wakos to release nude pictures of Ms. Palin allegedly taken some twenty-plus years ago.

Bogus site

you idiot, look in the right hand column the text is there I just posted it over here so people can see it better

Bogus site

This web site does NOT belong to Sarah Palin. This site was repoted by http://www.fightthepalinsmears.com/smears/fake-websites/

calm down.

being an obama supporter, i find this site entertaining (i have also read articles in the onion about obama and find those funny, too. it has nothing to do with palin being a republican). anyone who isnt smart enough to see this site is fake without the assistance of worried comments by others should not be allowed to vote. they obviously dont have the mental capacity to decide the future of our country.


I STILL DONT BELIEVE IT, BOGUS SITE!!!! I don't believe your repots.

Also, I'd like to say that I am not an idiot.

Thank you.

Flemish American

I'm enjoying this parody. Great stuff.

As for the comments coming out about the party supporting an independent Alaska, Sarah should say something like:

"We put the idea of an independent Alaska to our lips, but we never inhaled."

It would succeed at making it a non-issue while getting a good laugh from the press corp. Write me if you need another speach writer.


Republi-CAN, stop degrading my party and my VP Candidate.

Sara, don't let all these haters get you down. Behind every strong man lies a strong woman. McCain needs you and your (almost) godless country needs you. Keep praying for our country and our soldiers. God will see you through. The country needs someone to bring religion back into the constitution and shutdown those immoral atheists.

The other people on commenting are weakening our country. We can't let the terrorists win! These colors don't run!

Mark Dewd

This is NOT a fake site!!! How stupid are you godless liberels anyway???

Sarah, just remember that God is on YOUR side and He will make sure that the godless terrorist liberel Hussein Obama Berack rots in hell for eternity while we laugh! (PROVEN FACT: He is a BLACK man! Black=Darkness=Evil. Dont you stupid liberels get it????)

Let me ask you godless liberels this: Can you gut and skin a moose in under ten minutes? I think not. SARAH CAN! Case closed.

Go Sarah! Go Jesus! Go God! Go USA!

Fearless Floyd

I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when I read Mark Dewd's eloquent words, so I did both. Mark, you said what I always believed in my heart but was to afraid to share: Barack Hussein Obama is black! And his middle name is Hussein!

Those liberels kept trying to pretend it din't matter, but I have to believe what I read in the comments from some stranger on a blog I found three days ago. It's God's will.

Mark Dewd, I think you touched my soul. But, like, not in a gay way or anything.

Go Sarah! Go Jesus! Go God! Go USA1

And Go Mark Dewd! Godspeed, you amazing truth-teller you!


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  • This site is a work of satire and is not affiliated with Sarah Palin in any way.