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September 23, 2008


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Caribou Barbie Does the U.N.

Don't worry Sarah! Why on earth should you care about what "foreign" heads of state have to say anyway? You're already head of your very own state, and anyway, Alaska just must be way better than any foreign state! And I'm sure those moose cookies you made were just perfect!!!


wow. it's such an honor to be here. i've been going to http://www.womenwholooklikesarahpalin.com but this is even better since you're the real deal!


WOW SARAH..was this your first time in New York City?? Did you visit the Empire State Building yet? you better do it soon before the terrorists blow it up! I hope you brought your patriotic small town values to that big scary blue state city!! Talk about unpatriotic! Did that Afghan pres, Karzoid, or whatever his name is, wear that funny hat with his pajamas? I'm glad he liked your cookies and I bet he'd like if you gave him poppy flowers next time too...I heard they grow a lot of them over there in Afganiztan but lord knows why...I'm so proud of you Sarah the way you took on the UN and all those bigwigs heads of states, but please be careful in The Big Appel and not get mugged or get bumped into by all those rushing around cityfolk! I hear they can be very rude, those latte-drinkin pro-choice edumacated Northeasterners!! bye for now, xxxx


Hi again Honey- Wow Aren't we moving up in the world?? Karzai and Kissinger!!!! Whatever next? You're just amazing.Hope you got their autographs for yourself and the kids--- Did you ask Karzai to show you where Afghanistan was on a world map? Hope you did honey, could sure come in handy one of these days.

the prof

Hey Sal - remember that those Columbians set up a University too, its quite a famous one.


P.S. Give the V P debate another one of your firm "THANKS BUT NO THANKS" message Sarah. You have more important affairs of state to attend to.


Keep yourself in check lady, never know what could be 'used' against you in just conversation!! Praying for you... lv J

Calamity Palin

Sarah, get those heads of state loosened up a bit. Put some of that special herb of Cindy's in the cookies next time.


Sarah, I hope all of those liberals who say that you don't have foriegn policy experience are able to read your blog and see for themselves. BTW - I saw your interview with that Hannity Combs main-stream media guy. You were able to handle his tough questions really well and his attempts to trip you up all failed. Can't wait for your debate against the Democrats. Good luck hon!


Way to go Sarah! I'm so proud of you, it must have been really scary going New York - it really is one of the most unpatriotic places in the world. I remember learning in school that New York is where all the foreigners coming to our country go to first, so you know, that state is not real patriotic since they all just got here.

I guess you did get to meet a bunch of interesting heads of state though. That guy Hank Kisinger, what country is he the president of? His name sounds familiar, did he used to be the host of Family Feud before the got that large black fella from the Today show?

I've heard LOTS of funny things about that Mr. Karzai guy, but the way you described him sounds really nice. Maybe that's why Mr. Bush decided to make him the President of Afghanistan even though he used to support the Taliban, who I guess are terrorists just like the Al Kidas.

Anyway, I wouldn't bother getting to know these people too well, because when Mr. McCain becomes president then he'll probably just tell all of them they better shape up or he'll just replace them like we did with that Sodom Husane!


the blog is not funny. This post was not funny. This unamusing and unfunny material would likely offend the 185 million or more Americans who grew up in the Midwest and had a "meemaw" that they recall with great fondness. If you want to make fun of Palin, or anyone else, first BE FUNNY. Or else the battle is lost.


the blog is not funny. This post was not funny. This unamusing and unfunny material would likely offend the 185 million or more Americans who grew up in the Midwest and had a "meemaw" that they recall with great fondness. If you want to make fun of Palin, or anyone else, first BE FUNNY. Or else the battle is lost.

Calamity Palin

methinks you protest too much


Hi Sarah (when do we get to start calling you "Madame Veep"?),

Anyway, you know that me and the rest of America think you're doing a great job on the campaign. I'm real proud that you've already done 2 whole interviews for the national media, so that America can really get to know the real Sarah Palin - you're more than just a "pit bull in lipstick"!

But I was kinda worried that you are letting America see a little too much in this video (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/61410aa4ff). The first part started out great, but then it ends up going all wrong at the end. I couldn't tell exactly what part of it I thought was so wrong, so I watched it over and over, and now I kinda think maybe it's alright. I dunno.


You had the pronunciation correct for Columbia's president but the spelling is Uribe. Don't let the Democrats get hold of that post, please!
From: A friend in Illinois


OMG!!!SARAH..YOU ARE GONNA GET TO MEET BONO!!! I AM SOOO JEALOUS!! At least thats what I've been hearing on TV. Will you please tell us all about him once you meet him? Oh geez..you DO know who he is, right? Maybe in Alaska you never heard of U2, a very famous Scottish band who Bono is the lead singer of and does all sorts of charity work for those poor Africans in other countries like Africa. I also thought the same question "the mad Nader" thought of about who is Kissigger president of? He sure sounds and looks familiar.Remember, girlfriend, tell us all about Bono!! Hope New York isn't too scary and that you'll be outa there soon.




Posted by: LauralovesTerriers

It's a code name for Brad Hanson.


This is funny. It is the funniest. PLease keep on.


Thanks OSMR for telling me what MEEMAW meant. But something doesn't make sense bout that...she didn't KNOW Brad Hanson back then, when she watched Gunsmoke. I'm so confused..do you think the National Enquirer tells the truth about our Sarah's affair with Brad? I think its run by liberels.(sp?) Not that this has anything to do with meemaws or Sarah's affair with Brad Hanson, but can someone tell us why John McCain cancelled on David Letterman tonight? Sarah, do you know why? I was so looking forward to seeing him. Instead, they're having that MSNBC liberel Keith Olbermann on. :(

Bill Ennis

We love you Sarah, dont let the libs get you down, and please stay away from shows like the View. Maybe Bills show on Fox


I LOVE "THE VIEW." You should go on it, Sarah...whenever you get back from New York..we miss you!! Oh, The View. Yeah, well I don't like those smartass liberels Joy and Whoopi, but I just LOVE Elizabeth Hasselblack. She reminds me of you, Sarah. That same high pitch to the voice, that same pitbull determination..but she has to have 3 more kids to catch up to you!! ha ha We haven't heard from you in a while...geez,hope you didn't get in some sort of trouble in The Big Apples..??

P. Oklahoma

Way to go, Sarah! Well that should shut the mouths of that lefty press, which has said that you haven't met any foreign heads of state, and now you have!

I know that we have online schools now; but, that's too cool that you were able to get a foreign policy education so fast, because they probably shared with you deep foreign policy secrets...I'm sure you said something folksy (and we need more "folksy" to keep the Bush mystique going) like "can you just give it to me in a nutshell, Henry? Can you wrap up what I need to know in some shiny paper with a little bow on top?"


While I'm sure your good for the state of Alaska' I lived in Kodiak for 8 years, but this blog is scary. I've been a registered republican since I could vote. In 2000 I thought President Bush really got under handed and supported McCain because I truly believed he was someone above the fray. However to pick an inexperienced running mate with the very issue that had traction for him was not only poor judgement but patronizing to women voters. Do all of us reasonable republican's a favor and drop out, and if you can't do that PLEASE just stop talking. Your going to sink the ticket!!!

evden eve nakliyat

yeah super

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