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September 02, 2008


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I'm hoping you'll tell us more about Bristol and Levi. I hear Levi's coming up there before too long!


HAHAHAHA, load of horse s***, or wait, since i'm in alaska i guess it's moose s***. i love how at the end this guy thinks he knows what he's talking about lol. Yes maybe alaska doesn't have the largest population, but look at our assets...oil, wildlife, location...let's talk about foreign policy, canada and russia...the only state that borders 2 other countries. Personally, i am active duty military, but regardless, the national guard does more than this jerk off knows. And about Russia not taking alaskan territory, lol, u know why? cuz we are constantly chasing them out of our airspace...i'm from PA, and my vote is going to PA, but it's definitely going to maccain and palin...if you support your troops and your country, yours will go to mccain as well.


Jazzercise > Prepping for VP speech!

ari m.



Mark Dewd

I'm not gay, but Bristol's boyfriend is really a hunk!
Go Sarah! Go Jesus! Go God! Go USA!


OMG OMG "myself" you nailed it down! I mean, Illinois? That's like, not bordering ANY state! It's just so obvious, ALL presidents should come from a state that BORDERS at least ONE foreign nation! Like George W. Bush! And anyone from Alaska, bordering Canada and Russia, are totally overqualified in foreign experience!

On second thought, I checked my map and there's this thing called Bering strait between RUssia and Alaska, but it doesn't matter. They're really close! That means Florida has more borders with foreign countries! I just can't wait to vote for Jeb Bush!

Sarah Palin

This is the best blog ever! I love it! Very good skills hey!


haha, Wark, actually if you look at a military map, it goes by airspace, so yes, we border russia you idiot. But you wouldn't know because you are like every other obama supporter, you don't know what you're talking about...and she's a VP, not a president...ur makin as many gaffes as Biden right now. You are right on one thing though, she is over qualified. Actually more qualified than obama...hell, if our VP is more qualified than your president...then i think this decision is easy.


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