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October 02, 2008


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James W. Feger

LOL....Now I know who Obama reminds me of; Obama reminds me of Stan Laurel of the comic team Laurel and Hardy of the 1930s & 40s. That is why Obama is so well liked in Hollywood? He is a replica of a comic icon.

What has Obama done? After he loses the Presidential election, he can do stand in for the revival of a classic joke and laugh act, Vaudeville, silent movies, and talkies all over again!


You are stuuuupid!!!!!! Heres a wink to ya? what???


This site is a work of satire and is not affiliated with Sarah Palin in any way.

Bob The Plumber

Obama can out spend McCain, and Obama has the best PR people in the world backing him. Then you have the common media sources and sit coms backing him. He is not winning over debate materials and ideas, etc, but he is winning because he is out spending, out PRing, and the media backs him. If I was an Obama voter I would stop voting for him and vote for McCain. Why? I want a fair fight. I want to hear the truths from both sides. I do not want a one sided election where money and power win. Honestly, it sounds like a 3rd world election. Are you all blind to this? I am surprised Obama is not giving out Gas cards on the road, or having people look under their seats for keys to their new smart cars. Come on people are we this easily bought? Yes, whoever is backing him is laughing all the way to somewhere. Money and power always is wherever these people are laughing too. Just look at who Obama hangs out with. It is so sad you all are not teaching your people about this.

The big issue about anybody not voting for Obama is that they are not forming groups to form form groups and on and on. A one sided view could say he is totally pro abortion, so vote McCain. This alone is causing me to vote McCain. Then it is bad Sarah is getting a few pennies for Makeup and Clothes Vs all the Money Obama has. Experience McCain and OBiden are equal, which is fair, but then Obama and Sarah, well she has more experience, but they look at her limited experience and not Obamas.

People wake up before it is too late. I am lookin for places like this to reach out to you, so can you actually do the same thing? Maybe we can change the direction of our country before it is too late??? maybe???

Look at all of the slips Obiden is having. One clear one is we will be attacked within six months of their election Obama and Obiden. Shame on Obiden for selling himself out for a small VP position. Who will ever remember Obiden in 100 years. Fame normally dies with you.

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William Bryant

Can you please explain to me why after all those people in alaska who worked so hard to get you elected as governor; you would just abandon them? I'm a former resident, and I know for a fact a lot of people feel betrayed by your abandonment of your office. Tell Me why should I vote for you as my president, maybe half way threw your term you'll find a better deal. After all you did it once.

Bill Niblette


I know that the email break-in was a very serious crime with many consequences to your family, but...perhaps asking for a minimal punishment be given, and your verbal forgiveness could go a long way on your behalf...particularly even for the liberals.

Just a thought...

arik womack

we will be lucky as america if you fail and stay at home with your child like any mother would



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Sarah - just a heads up: If the first question is 'What is your name? and the second is 'What is your quest?', be ready for a trick question for number three! (Hint: 'What is your favorite color?')


Maybe if just ONE Palin fan/follower would ever dare to criticize ANY member of the Palin family, I might consider taking them seriously. But Palin fans/followers have become a cult = no criticism of the Dear Leader and her spawn allowed!

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tThousands are rallying across the Country to protest Proposition 8 in California. \ed the rights of California gays, while ignoring the fact that New York and DC don't have equal rights either.

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Fortunately my final meeting was with someone who is quickly becoming a great friend on the campaign, Hank Kissinger. I think he could tell that I was a little frazzled by then, so he just said "Why don't we knock off early?" and instead we went down the street and got some soft-serve from McDonald's. It was great to get out of that building, and to be reminded that there are people out there who care about me and will help me through this whole process. President Ooribay is just one person, and his country's not very important anyway (maybe they could change that if they spent a little less time being rude and a little more time fighting drug lords!).

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  • This site is a work of satire and is not affiliated with Sarah Palin in any way.