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October 02, 2008


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Trixie Norton

And a special shout out to you AUDREY! God bless us, doncha know, God endowed us with the ability to think and, and doncha know that God endowed us with the abilitiy to acknowledge parody when we see it. It's in the 10 commandments gosh darn it.... though shalt not eat shit when it is not layed upon a proper plate. It appears God (the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost dog gonit) have lost their effect on you. I'll be praying for the redemption of your mortal soul so dog gone-it get with the program or energy alternatives or terrorist will be knocking at you door. So there.

Trixie Norton

THERE! Put that in your *pot* pipe and smoek it!!!!!!


I SECOND THAT EMOTION!! (but don't smoke the pot,Audrey its against the law ya know) A SHOUTOUT TO YA, TRIX!!

Trixie Norton

And a hardy shout out to you Laura!!!! These angry, dirty, smelly hippy LIBERALS really get to me. You know, all they do is smoke dope and have sex. They are evil! And we must combat the evil. That's why I'm so impressed with Sarah. She really walks her talk (well, never mind her knocked-up 17 year old) her vision for our country will put us uppity women right back where we belong!

Reggie In Bama

Palin is playing the RACIST card. What else to do when you are an unqualified candidate that what chosen simply to get Hillary votes.She has no idea that the person she associated Obama with did his so called terroist bombing when Obama was less than 14 years old. Know the accuracy of what you speak or just shut up.Does she have an answer why McCain oppose the MLK Holiday? McCain doesn't. If McCain, a great American hero, was elected and God forbid was unable to finish his term as leader of our nation, would you really want her as President? My housekeeper could do a better job. McCain made a bad choice in Palin which shows he does not have the right stuff to be President. When you choose a candidate that 3 years ago led a town of less than 8K people in the wilderness, what does this say about your leadership decision making (RE: Couric interview !!!) Obama may not look like you or I, but he is 100% American and totally loyal to our county and people. The financial bailout for the millionaires of Wall Street is a lesson that we need fresh leadership and not 4-8 more years of unqualified, out of touch, and incompetent leadership. I hope not to have offended anyone with my words, but This Is How I Feel.


You are a lying bitch Sarah...and not intelligent enough to be VP... go home and take care of your kids and your grand kids!




A DOUBLE SHOUTOUT TO YA, TRIXIE!! The only POT us Sarah supporters use is a crockpot!! (with some scrumptous Moose Stew in it)To evil potsmoking Liberils:if ya can't take the smoke, go back into the kitchen! Or somethin like that..?


Hi Sarah! Love ya.

I just want to tell you that I agree with you, I don't think that all of man's actions can be blamed on the climate. Why just this morning I stole candy right from a baby and then I kicked a dog. The climate had nothing to do with these actions and I'm completely shocked that come people blame the climate for these atrocities. It's not the climate's fault that we act like asses and buffoons! Hey, keep up that fabulous word structure.



I wonder why the McCain's website doesn't link to this blog? Afraid to reveal the depth of Palin's rhetorical nonsense and absence of clue about anything else but hunting and drilling?

Bill Brandt

You did great in the debate Sarah - I am hoping that the Mccain campaign lets you go on the radio a lot so millions can hear you day by day

Raven's D End

Foremost is not spelled FOUR MOST; who wrote this one? I hope not Sarah the Governor.


Ron White said it best "There's not a pill you can take, book you can read, or a class you can take to fix stupid. It's permenment."
Mrs. Palin if you have ever bothered to read Roe v. Wade it is just not about abortion, it is also about privacy rights, choice a woman's right to choose for herself. Up until about 1974 women under most states were considered property of their husbands or fathers. You are not fit for the job of VP. We don't need a religious nut that close to one of the highest posts in the USA


Peggyb, well said! There MUST be SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!! Sarah's views on abortion will put AMERICAN women in the same category as MUSLIM women:wearing burkas, not being able to drive a car, and forced to be merely "property" of their male relatives and husbands. PALIN IS SCARY!! I might add, that like Bush, she can't say the word NUCLEAR properly..That's scary too, especially if she has her little finger anywhere near the red button while Ole' John is dozing off or unable to continue his presidential duties. The latter is a real possiblity because of his age and the two deadly Melanomas he's had already. Sarah Palin and the rest of the religious fanatics want to speed up THE END OF DAYS!! What does that tell ya, gosh darnit!!


Well, there you go! the simple truth of a dirt farmer has sown dicontent among the followers of the "Messiah". "If you hang around lice, you'll become lousy"

What is it these discontents, Obamamins, the "Masters of Hindsight" like to rally behind? I think it is the conversations that always lead up to calling McCain the third term of Bush. Which means McCain is an extention of Bush? Is that not the gist of what the Liberals are trying to condition the public to response to as voters?

But, then when we use Pavlov's dog to illustrate the extention of Obama's affiliation with Rev. Wright, Father, Phleger, Bill Ayers, Acorn, the envy of Louis Farrakan, and Jimmy Carter's reincarnation for his second term in office "ala" Obama, are we not of the same methodolgy?

But, Obama may be of another pychological measure. There is Konrad Lorenz work with "imprint". And, it is obvious that Obama has been stimulated by his association with Wright, Phelger, Ayers, Illinois politics, Acorn etc. That kind of affiliation during the developing stages of a political mind set, could be critical to error on the side of default; "a value that a person assumes with no overiding value or action other than the effective use of language"

And, then we might, in general terms weight the differences of influences each candidate has risked or been subjected to with life, and make a reasonable assesment how he would lead us as an extension of himself!

And, you see! I like the "Maverick" and the "Pit Bull". I like where they have been, what they have done, what they are doing, and I'm confident in their judgement for resolving America's needs because of who they are and who they have associated with.

What has Obama done? He isn't independantly in realization of himself!


check this out




It's AKORN you insufferable snobs. Yes I come come from knoble dirt farming roots. So I may not have college education, but I was raised with manners, and to live with in my means. Which means I have no credit credit cards,savings in a bank one truck paid for six months left on the other one and my house payment. I was never given anything but the basics as a child. If I wanted something extra or special, I had to earn the money buy them.
The Maverick has never been off government payroll, and Palin, Alaska gives $3000 to every resident from the oil companies. At her rally the other day she could tell the difference supporters and hecklers.Todd had to tell her they all supporters. you want her as VP sad.


Education of the Cadidates:
McCain: United States Naval Acadademy
Graduated 894 out of 899
Palin:Hawaii Pacific Universy 1 semester
North Idaho College 2 semesters General
University of Idaho 2 semesters journalism
Matanuska-Susitnua College 1 semester
University of Idaho 3 semesters BA
Obama: Columbia University
BA Poly Sci with specializition in
International Relations
Havard Law Juris Doctor (JD) Magna Cum
Laude Harvard Law Review
Biden: University of Delaware BA's History, Poly
Syacuse University College of Law Juris
Doctor (JD)

McCain left his first wife because she no longer measured up to his standards. Cindy McCain picked him up in a bar before he was divorced.
Cindy McCain was addicted to pain killers that were illegally gotten though her own charity.
John McCain isn't too clean either, he was a member of the Keating 5 the S and L scandals of the late 80's and 90's Those 5 Senators walked away untouched, but alot of regular people lost everything. So trust McCain Not on your Life! He's set for the rest of his life. He has no common sense, he incites people almost to riot, whether you beleive it or not he's racist and an elitist. If you want four more years of the same.
Then vote for the ones who have no diplomacy in their educational backgrounds. USNA doesn't teach diplomacy, it teaches the art of war, tactics, and the best way to attack to win. No room for diplomacy in war.


PALIN'S SWITCHING OF COLLEGES is as ERRATIC AS JOHN MCCAIN'S BEHAVIOR. And yes, he did leave his handicapped wife (from a car accident while he was in Nam) for Cindy, 17 years his junior, while he was married and had various affairs while still cohabitating with his wife. Cindy is a trophy wife, not to mention her wealth being a convenient attraction for Ole John. The story was on a CNN documentary,it is not made up!


I think Sarah's been in the spotlight so much, she's foresaken her blog and her fans. I'm switching my vote to Ralph Nader. Sorry, Sarah. Your winks have lost their hold on me. I think LauraLoves was right all along - you were winking at your lover, Brad. Goodbye. Sayonara. Auf Weidelsein. Adios.


McCain is solid and Obama will fall. The debate is tonight.

Confront the stigma of the Liberal Socialist, and adopt a Democrat.
But, make sure its house broken before
you start feeding it!

What has Obama done! He is the legal council for acorn, but at least he will be able to represent registered voters like "Jive Turkey" and "Mickey Mouse" after he loses the election.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time, but you can fool all the liberals all the time.


YEAH, MIKE, it was great while it lasted....and I think Trixie gave up too. Well, check in some time, why donchya? Au Revoir!

James W. Feger

Like I wrote previously, McCain nailed Powell for what he was last year. Powell's endorsement of Obama, if that is what he is going to do, is prophetic, presageful, and prodigious of and for McCain.

What has Obama done? Obama is in backlash.

James W. Feger

Do you acorn defecating liberal nuts know how to politically spell "problem?"

P = Pelosi
R = Reid
O = Obama
B = Biden
L = Liberals
E = Elitist
M = Morons

What has Obama done? He had better be careful of acronyms. I think he should feel lucky his name isn't Arthur Steven Smith, or then he would be called an
_ _ _.

P.S. If you leftist acorn nut types response to this message, at least try to be original.

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